Need some help I have a interview at NYCOM on April 9th?

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Mar 13, 2002
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I have an interview at NYCOM on the 9th of April. I would appreciate some information from those of you who have interviewed at NYCOM. What kind of questions were asked? What to expect? This is my first Osteopathic interview. I have had a few Allopathic, but no Osteopathic. Holla back at me.

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NYCOM's interview was mainly going over your application. They ask you questions about osteopathy (who founded it...what is it....why osteopathy...) but they also ask you what your hobbies are and some other boring questions. For the most part, the interviewers were kind of cold until about the middle of the interview...then they started smiling more and we started talking about other things that were not so boring and serious. From my experience...everybody seemed so blah at first...but I am really outgoing so everything went well =)

NYCOM is a really good school I would take the time and effort to really do well on this interview.

Let me know how you do and if you get in...and I just may see you in August!!!
SxyDr2Be thanks for the information I really appreciate it. I'll keep you posted on what happens. If I do get in that will be great considering the fact that I live in NY I can drive or catch the train there. Hopefully we'll be classmates come August you sexy thang you. :wink:
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hey blazed,

the interview day will start off with filling out a secondary. the questions will include things such as why nycom, what are your hobbies, list your extracurricular activities, honors/awards. basically the interviewer will use the secondary to ask you questions during the interview. during the interview i was asked about the history of osteopathy, what were my concerns of the medical profession today, and if only one student were chosen why should it be me. i know that i should have question marks in here, but i am too tired to bother. well, i hope that helps!
know your strenghts and weaknesses!
Thanks alot people, I really do appreciate the information. I am going to put it to good use and go in there and kick some ass.
One more suggestion,people you ask will tellyou that it is very laid back interview and most probably it will but prepare your self because there are always exceptions. It really depend on who interviews you. I dont know how to explain it.... be confident and relaxed but also be careful.