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Mar 16, 2011
So - I am confused on where to send my Pcat transcripts. I guess most schools want the transcripts to be sent to Pharmcas first, and then sent to them with the total application correct?

I am registering for the Pcat right now, and it is asking me the schools that I want to send the results to. Problem is, I still have not made a solid decision as to where I want to apply for sure.

Does anyone have any advice on the best way to submit your results? How do I send it to Pharmcas first? There is a box for "PharmCAS-Watertown, Watertown , MA code 104".. Is this the central location for applications?

I believe that most of the schools that I am going to apply to participate in the pharmcas application process. Is the best thing to do is just submit my score to pharmcas and that is it?

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Dec 29, 2011
That sounds right. When I signed up for the pcat, I sent it to code 104 and that was it. If all the schools you're applying to are Pharmcas schools, I think that's all you need to do. If one or more schools you apply to need your official pcat scores, you can always send it to those schools directly (for an additional fee, of course).