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Need to transfer to nsucom (2nd year)

Discussion in 'Medical Students - DO' started by mr.poplitealfossa, Sep 29, 2014.

  1. mr.poplitealfossa


    Sep 29, 2014
    Hey sdn,

    I am in desperate need of a transfer for family reasons. My mom is having a hard time right now due to my dad having severe back problems from being a mechanic. This is not only making my mom physically tired of maintain alot of things my father should be doing but it is also causing emotional stress, not only for her but me as well.
    I would be transferring from touro to nsucom as a 3rd year student (unless there is midsemester transfers).
    I've heard that transferring is hard but is it possible?
    if so what would be the proper procedure?
    and who should I talk with?

    Also if it means anything, I am at the bottom tier in my class but have passed all my classes thus far.
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  3. hallowmann

    hallowmann SDN Lifetime Donor Lifetime Donor Classifieds Approved 5+ Year Member

    Mar 13, 2012
    You're going to need to contact both your dean and the dean of NSU for a transfer (not sure which you would do first). It can be done, but it usually has to be an extremely important reason why you literally would be unable to continue school without transferring. I don't know if your circumstances qualify, but obviously it's worth a try for you.

    I believe that transfers with credit almost exclusively happen between 2nd and 3rd year (i.e. after COMLEX Level 1 is taken and passed). Most medical schools don't allow transfers outside of that time because curricula usually vary significantly from school to school.

    Ever thought of just doing a personal leave of absence? Obviously, it'll be better for you to transfer and not be delayed, but that might not be an option. The obvious argument against transferring might be that you will be a 3rd yr, and won't be much help to your family or worse yet, you will have even more difficulty than you do now, given the family responsibilities, which might be enough to make you do even worse.

    My suggestion to you is to talk to your dean or advisors at your school. Explain the situation and ask for their advice. Don't bring up transferring right away, but emphasize that being there would make a big difference for your family. See what they say.

    Also, if you can, contact people (students, staff, but I wouldn't give your name just yet) at NSU (and I guess even LECOM-B, depending on where their 3rd yr rotations are done - maybe they have a site near your home) and see what their transfer policies are and if they have openings in their class.

    Either way, I guess it's worth a shot. Worst case scenario, you take a personal leave for 1yr, or just continue at Touro (did you look into whether your could set up your rotations out of state or on your own?).

    Info on Transfering:

    -Nova -

    -LECOM-B - The transfer procedure/requirements are on page 14 of the student handbook here:

    -PCOM-GA - They might also have a clinical site close to your home. Info about transferring is near the bottom of the page here:
    Last edited: Sep 29, 2014
  4. user3

    user3 7+ Year Member

    Jul 10, 2010
    I've looked at several DO school transfer policies and most don't make any mention of requiring "compelling" circumstances.
  5. mr.poplitealfossa


    Sep 29, 2014
    Thanks alot homie but I really don't want to waste a year at the same time. I have looked at setting up outside but the issue with that is it can only be done for electives or at least thats what I've been told. I would rather not deal with that hassle and just do a transfer to so i can just do all my rotations as well as be able to stay at home and help out.
  6. mr.poplitealfossa


    Sep 29, 2014
    nice, but im glad at least if anything I have a reason.
  7. hallowmann

    hallowmann SDN Lifetime Donor Lifetime Donor Classifieds Approved 5+ Year Member

    Mar 13, 2012
    Of the 3 programs I listed that OP might be interested in (LECOM-B, Nova, and PCOM-GA), all require a written explanation/reasoning for wanting/needing to transfer and in some cases they use wording like "a transfer application may be considered under extenuating circumstances". I guess you can take that to mean whatever you want.

    I'm just saying what I heard from people who've looked into it and done it before.

    Obviously transferring is your best option. I was just mentioning the others if it doesn't work out.

    Contact Nova (or the other schools) and see what they say, but be aware in all cases you will need an LOR from someone at Touro, and that will likely mean you'll have to talk to your dean as well.
  8. costales

    costales 2+ Year Member

    Jul 25, 2011
    You need to have a meeting with your dean, and if he agrees, ask him to contact the other dean and grease the rails for you before any paperwork is submitted. Be prepared to consider an LOA if you're unsuccessful. Contrary to folklore, transfers are uncommon and I am aware of only one transfer student at my school. (FWIW there are "only a handful" among MD students according to a USNWR article).
  9. NeuroLAX

    NeuroLAX Discere faciendo 2+ Year Member

    Apr 17, 2012
    I only know of one transfer here. Logistically speaking, I would think that it's an uphill battle at this point in the school year. I would suggest following the plan laid out by @costales .
  10. Oo Cipher oO

    Oo Cipher oO 5+ Year Member

    Jul 21, 2011
    What help would you be to your parents as a tired, overworked 3rd year? You're not going to be able to spend your days picking up the slack with housework. You are going to be in the hospital and reading to study for Level 2. If you absolutly have to be there and you actually want to be around enought to help then a leave of absence might be best.
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  11. DocWinter

    DocWinter 2+ Year Member

    Jan 2, 2014
    Sweet Home Alabama
    I have to agree with ^, I feel for you and the family needs. I've been there and it's difficult to watch and help them go through it. It's harder (in a different way) to be there and NOT be able to help them go through it, which is what I would expect you would be in as a medical student trying to be of aid to your family.
    Discuss with your family 1st what you would be able to realistically do, and perhaps other family members(?) if possible.
    When you're barely sleeping in your surgical rotation and studying for the big exams, you might actually not be of help and feel worse for wanting to help but having no options.
  12. valkener

    valkener 5+ Year Member

    May 17, 2010
    Contact the NSUCOM Dean directly. He can answer your question much more accurately.
  13. costales

    costales 2+ Year Member

    Jul 25, 2011
    Sadly, this is one of those situations where it's nice to be rich. I know a resident who is moonlighting to help pay a maid for her parents. But she also knows that she will be in a much better position to help them when she's done and working as a boarded physician.
  14. do15OBlove


    Sep 18, 2014
    Hey there,
    I was able to transfer at the end of second year from ATSU-SOMA to TUNCOM. The first thing I did was contact my dean's office and told them what was going on. Then, I called the admissions off at the new school and explained the situation. I had some paperwork to fill out, had to request a transcript transfer and I needed to write a letter explaining myself in more detail. In the end, it was worth the bit of paperwork and coordination between the schools. Also, it wasn't as difficult for me as I was expecting, just stressful because I was nervous I wouldn't get accepted at the new school. Let me know if you have other questions! GOOD LUCK!
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