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beyond all hope

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Dec 18, 2003
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Is is possible/probable to do neurology after doing another specialty? I am EM but I'm not sure I want to do EM forever. I liked Neuro but went for EM for 1) Excitment 2) Cash.

How do PDs feel about prevously trained applicants? Know any neurologists who have trained in other specialities.


Not your scut monkey
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Sep 9, 2003
Palo Alto, CA
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One of the neuro residents at my home institution finished an IM residency previously and will be dual-boarded once he finishes. It's definitely possible, but it also depends on if you're willing to be a resident for that long.

Stinky Tofu

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Aug 8, 2000
One of our attendings did a PM&R residency after practicing as a Neurologist for over fifteen years. Currently, you shouldn't have a problem finding a spot in Neurology unless you are looking for a position in one of the top programs (Columbia, Partners, UCSF, etc.).
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and the Brain
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Aug 13, 2001
Chicago, IL
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Several of the residents at my program are board certified internists. One of the residents who graduated recently did several years of ENT prior to becoming a neuro resident.

Ironically, he told me, to do it all over again, from day one, he would have done anesthesia. Go figure.

Ironically, I am going into anesthesia.
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