Neuropsych Internships

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Jan 21, 2014
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I'm planning on applying to neuropsych predoc internships this upcoming fall. While searching the APPIC database for programs which have adult neuropsych training opportunities, the search returns 200-300 placements. Problem is that these placements can range from 100% of your time spent in neuropsych to a minor rotation or only a couple hours a week.

Is there an exhaustive (or semi-exhaustive) list of internship programs which offer at least 50% NP time? I have seen a Div40 list of programs, but I wasn't sure how exhaustive that list is or what its inclusion criteria is.

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Nov 13, 2015
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The neuropsych central site ( is often mentioned, but I don't think this has been updated in a while. It is certainly not exhaustive. AITCN is also another resource which sometimes has special features on specific programs ( Students who recently applied will have the most updated information, so it would be helpful to pool their lists together to the extent you can do this, or check if your program has done this already. If you are interested in VA training, specifically, you can go through each facility's manual from the VA internship listings ( It takes a while, but my experience has been that you have to read each site's materials because there is variability in how the neuro training is set up (e.g., places where you can craft a 50% neuro training year, despite there being no formal neuro track).

Note-- and perhaps you know this already-- that the Houston Conference guidelines do not stipulate any time requirements for neuropsychology training during internship, but it's fine if 50%/majority is a preference for you- it's a matter of cumulative experience and competitiveness for post-doc, which is determined individually. No accredited internship will have you spending 100% of your time in neuropsychology.


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Jan 7, 2010
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In addition to Division 40, APPCN lists a variety of postdoc sites that also have internships.

For my own search, I just went with the APPIC database and whittled it down based on location, names that I knew, and training opportunities offered (as listed on program websites).

But to answer your question--other than APPIC, I personally don't know of any exhaustive list of neuropsych-focused internships.