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Jan 6, 2005
Is the shelf solely on brain stuff and its clinical disorders. Or does Neuroscience shelf integrate stuff learned from the rest of first year (liike physio, anatomy, etc).

Can a fesh grad student, such as my self, with enough hardwork ace the neuro shelf without having taken the rest of the first year medical school classes.

I am currently on the waitlist and taking a med school class and I heard getting an "A" in it would really help me get off the damn thing. But my the dean of my grad program emailed me today and told me I would be at disadvantage for the shelf not having taken physio, anatomy, and the rest of first year. Keep in mind he is the dean and wants everyone to do well, so he gives very safe advise.

What should I do, I feel I am very capable student and can get an A in anything but risking the chance of getting a B/B+ is scary. I heard of people being waitlisted for getting a B in a medschool course while in grad school.