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May 22, 2012
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I would like to apologize in advanced. I am not certain under which category this should be posted.

Alright, so I am interested in a neurosurgical career. There are no forums specifically about this so I figured I would ask.
Obviously, most PP make substantially more than a "hospitalist" or academic neurosurgeon. However, any idea what the salary would be for the top hospital- employed neurosurgeons? For example, how much would the salary for a neurosurgeon at a top hospital such as Johns Hopkins or Mayo Clinic be. Also, roughly how much would a department head such as the chief of neurosurgery make. My desire to pursue neurosurgery is not for fiscal reasons, but when making a career decision similar to this, it is a nice fact to know. So if anyone has any ideas, it would be very much appreciated.


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Nov 24, 2007
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Something people don't understand about academic medicine is that while it may have a lower base salary, these numbers don't necessarily include significant productivity bonuses or compensation for call.
For example, one of my friends is an academic optho. His base salary is $185k, however... he has a productivity bonus. Apparently nobody in the group ever made less than twice base and after a year or so of establishing his practice he expected to make 3 times base like everyone else in the group. Does the academic salary still look bad?
Guaranteed $185 but really ~$370 first year (after several very bad months getting things off the ground) and then >$500.
Our neurosurgeons get $3000/night for call. They take >120 calls a year. Suddenly their crappy income is almost doubled. When I was in the military one neurosurgeon I worked with took call a few days a month for a civilian hospital. He got 3000 just to carry the pager and $5 or 6k if he had to come in. Just to cover 7p-7a. And yes, he did come in to personally evaluate every consult. ;)
Don't forget about generous benefits, retirement, etc. It all adds up.
Every shop is different, ymmv.
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