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Dec 29, 2008
hi guys my names Hadi, im a Canadian resident currently doing my undergrad here in Ontario. Im new here, and I needed come facts, For exmple the differences between the american and canadian DAT's, sections on the DAT's etc... ive always been really interested in dentistry or optometry, my gpa first year of university was about a 3.2 but after finishign this semeter with decent grades and lookng at next semester, ill probably finish second year with about a 3.7, i probably do want to study and write my DAT over the summer.
soooo hey, and can someone give me all the facts and the feasibility of a canadian guy getting in the states?

dominican drums

Excited Pre-Dental Studnt
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Dec 2, 2007
New York City
best thing to do. Try to pick up the guidbooks to dental and optometry schools in the US. Even if you get an old copy. They have all the info that you'll need, and details on each school

Good Luck.
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