New letters of recommendation this late in cycle?

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Jan 1, 2021
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I'm on the waitlist for a school (among others) that is only about an hour from where I live that I would really like to attend. I'm not a nepotism baby (I come from an UR background with no docs in extended family :)) but I do have connections via my current job in a hospital lab where my bosses are willing to put me into contact with folks who could get me good letters of recommendation at hospitals which are rotation sites for the school I really want to attend and have really good relationships with said school. They could of course see tangible evaluations of my work and see other evidence that I am really good at my job and would fit in well at those hospitals (one of which is part of the same health system).

My pre-health committee from my alma mater already sent in their committee letter with all of my rec letters though, so would I have to have it resent with the new letters or could I just have it sent to the schools I am on the waitlist for? Also, is it even worth it at this point? I could definitely get more rec letters from more of my superiors at my job also for the other schools to. Just trying to do everything I can to get into this school with not much guidance at all! Thanks.

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I suspect it is too late. Letters from people your bosses know, who won't know you, are unlikely to move the needle. And additional letters are unnecessary in general.
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