Next Step Prep Tutor Reviews?

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May 22, 2015
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Hey, I was wondering if anyone has used NS Tutoring services to prepare for the MCAT? I'm gearing up for a retake on January 28th and want to get the best help possible. I'm currently in a CARS strategy course to help with that, but I really want someone to work with me on doing better on C/P and B/B especially.

I took the May 2016 exam and only scored a 494, so I have a lot of ground to cover and am completely focused now to get my score up (I was working full time and doing way way too much previously, definitely did not commit to studying like I should have).

I would love some reviews of NS Tutoring services. Thanks!

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Mar 5, 2010
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I hired a NS tutor for 8 sessions. I liked having a tutor there to guide me when I feel like I wasn't on the right track. My tutor was very patient, flexible with my schedule and offered lots of encouragement which was very helpful. I also liked how he would help me figure out a study schedule that worked with my work schedule so I don't feel too overwhelmed. I wrote the MCAT twice and I knew my strengths and weaknesses. My science and psych sections were strong but needed lots of work with CARs. I felt my tutor was good at guiding me when I have questions on the science content but I didn't feel that I learned anything about how to improve CARs.

Because it is so expensive to hire a tutor, I think it is important to know what you want out of the tutor. Do you want them to teach you the material? Or to be there when you have questions? The tutor was great at tailoring your needs to the session so if you have a clear idea of what you want, you'll get more out of it.
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