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Dec 28, 2016
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Hey all! I'm taking the MCAT in April and have been doing content review slowly over a few months as I'm still working part time/finishing 2 classes until then. I've also taken a few practice exams
Here are my scores so far:
NS FL 1: 514 (128, 128, 129, 129)
NS FL 2: 512 (127, 128, 129, 128)
NS FL 3: 512 (127, 128, 128, 129)

I took each of these each about a month apart. Honestly I'd be happy scoring anywhere from a 512+ on the actual exam, but seeing as my starting point is higher I'd obviously love to shoot for a 518+. Most of my content is fairly good, when I review questions I missed it's more that I missed a connection between ideas in the passage, however there is definitely some improvement that could be done with physics/gen chem concepts.

I'm struggling to know where to go from here. I want to move on to more practice but I'm unsure of how to do so while spreading out my resources appropriately between now and test day. I have the entire NS set of exams (1-10), NS passage and question bank, all the AAMC resources, TPR workbooks, EK 101 books, and the Kaplan flashcards. It's just really overwhelming and I don't even know where to start/how to organize my approach. I'll continue to do CR on subjects that I identify as a weakness during practice.

TLDR: Getting good scores (512), how to best organize approach to practice problems

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Do the AAMC question packs (easy) then the AAMC section bank (harder). Feel free to repeat the section bank for a second pass if you have time.

Do 3 cars passages a day and review them. Do full-lengths and review them weekly. Throw the Kaplan flashcards in the garbage.

Stay focused and you'll crush the test. Your scores are solid for how far out you are.