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Nov 30, 2016
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    Wondered if anyone has any experience with making a change of institution and research project on an LRP.

    At the moment, I am on an LRP award. I'm currently a postdoc and been offered a job at a non-profit research institute, working 100% of my time on a SAMHSA funded grant. I called to ask if this would not be a breach of contract, to which they replied that I needed to accept the job first to fill out the change of institution information.

    I told them that I would not accept the position unless I know it would be OK, as I can't afford the $7500 penalty PER MONTH you are breaching the contract. They pushed back and said I needed to accept a new job before anything can be processed.....

    Anyone have any experience with this or suggestions? I am trying to understand what situations they would institute the massive fines, but am not getting any help. Does anyone know the situation in which the institute these policies? To date, I can only find people who just had their contracts closed out (which I would be fine with).

    I would imagine people change institutions and research all the time--as this is often the nature of the business, but I really don't want to incur major fines.


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    May 16, 2020
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      Unfortunately, I don't have any hard information to provide you. However, I have gone through the terms and conditions very closely, and also read several forums online, and it seems to be that if you switch to work for a non-profit on a research project (especially one that is grant funded), they would not ask for payback. I'm guessing that's why they just suggested you accept and process it. However, I would be equally nervous as you and I would certainly not accept my response as any sort of evidence!
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