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Oct 4, 2013
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Lol sorry for yet another post about the NJ MJPE. I wanted to begin prepping for this exam as I have it in about one week. Looking through the posts over the past few months regarding the NJ MJPE I see that Dr. Cutie's and Dr. Strauss' are the primary sources people used. I have quick questions regarding them:

1. Do they cover federal law and state law or just state law?
2. I see that Dr. Strauss has over 1300 questions which I like but more text. Can this be done within one week lol?
3. If none of these sources cover federal law, should I try RxPrep?

Lastly, would I be good to go with either Strauss or Cutie's and doing the practiceexams.com. Any input would certainly be appreciated as always! Thanks again.
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