No Idea Where I stand...Reinvention??

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Dec 22, 2023
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Been surfing for a while, thought I’d finally get some feedback. So I was planning to apply this next coming cycle but have no idea where I stand or what I should do. Sorry for the long post, just really need some direction (or maybe reality check)

So my GPA… (did a 3-semester senior year and 1 semester post-bacc, credits in parenthesis)
Screen Shot 2023-12-22 at 5.39.22 AM.png

Quick summary, first sem. sophomore year, had a really tough COVID death very close to me and I blamed myself (family member I was caring). Lost the honestly naïve drive towards medicine I had coming into college (didn’t REALLY know why medicine in first place, was mainly inspired by person who passed who was a doc) and put really minimal effort for a long time. Got a last-ditch clinical job end of junior year slowly finding my actual reasons for being on this path and got back on track. (Talk about it in PS/why medicine more “eloquently.”)

Obviously bad sophomore/junior year but specific major “red flags”:
  • 4 W’s summer/fall sophomore year after it happened (including Orgo I twice just by unfortunate timing) and C+ bio lab.
  • Junior year: 2 More W’s trying to majorly overload classes (wanted to “make up” for past but made zero changes, withdrew within a couple days). C in Orgo I lab and worst of all a D in Orgo 2 cuz I missed the final (again, god awful habits/organization. Hate myself for it but big turning point). Repeated for a B+ which besides physics 2 is my only non-A in last 4 semesters.
  • Lastly, also have 1 W from freshman first semester when I didn't get class I "needed," begged teacher to let me in like 3 weeks in after some people dropped...just a terrible decision.
Ugly I know :(

ECs are mediocre to decent compared to what I've seen here at least I think (Little vague for privacy)

600 hrs clinical job (CNA/PCT)
40 hours clinical volunteering
480 bench research (honors college presentation; if that’s worth anything)
240 hrs clinical research
1 mid author publication in peer reviewed journal
350 non-clinical (4 activities; pretty unique things imo that ties into my background and also my experience soph/junior yr.)
65 hrs shadowing (46 primary care)
Fitness/wellness club (non-serious/fun) I started on campus
A unique performance based hobby

Midwest region
1 amazing LOR, 1 great, 1 good/average.
Also feel really confident in my writing abilities for what it’s worth.

So my questions are:
  • Have I reinvented myself at all/enough or do I need to do more post-bacc classes, an SMP, or both?
  • I know MCAT is always key but given everything else I have (Grades +ECs), am I already screwed for MD no matter what score I get or do I have a shot (Dw applying DO regardless). If it’s still possible, can anyone who has seen students/been in my position give me an MCAT score or range (even roughly) that I should shoot for. Just nice/motivating having some type of goal if it even exists.
Any other opinions/observations/advice on my app or what I need to do. Could really use some hope. Thanks!

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Post your MCAT score here in May and we can suggest schools based on your score.
Well I was mainly wondering if based on my grades alone if I need more postbacc or SMP (was planning on doing one this year) or should just focus on MCAT.
do I need to do more post-bacc classes, an SMP, or both?
Quick calculation in my head reveals minimal improvement in overall GPA even with a couple more semesters of 4.0. Maybe to 3.7? You'll have to do the math. I don't think that moves the bar too much. Your Sr year and post bacc GPA already show good improvement.

Everything pivots on your MCAT score. Kill it and you should have good chances for MD. But maybe apply to some select DO schools for insurance. This is only a guess, but a 518+ would be really good.

It would be nice to know the broad category of non-clinical volunteering you have. I know you don't want to doxx yourself. I hope you're correct about your writing ability too; you have to explain soph/jr grades really well -- more than just one sentence of "family member died with Covid." Sorry, don't mean to be gruff.
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17 hrs in postbac? Get in 12-15 more with good grades and you're done reinventing.

Also learn good coping skills
Only did 1 post bacc semester since I did a 3 semester senior year 52 credits at 3.82. Is that not enough? Seen most guides go by credits so thought together I might be good
Only did 1 post bacc semester since I did a 3 semester senior year 52 credits at 3.82. Is that not enough? Seen most guides go by credits so thought together I might be good
The 3 semester SR year wasn't apparent, so knowing this, you're good to go!! And congrats on the good work!
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