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Dec 1, 2000
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As long as people want to actually keep their OWN teeth (and the vast majority of the patient's in my office seem to want to!) I don't think this will effect the profession very much, if at all.

The only real potential issue that I could see happening would be some insurance companies refusing to pay for more intensive perio treatment (i.e. scaling and root planing, quadrant surgery, etc). The evidence that regular cleanings is more cost effective from a caries detection and hence treatment standpoint is still there though


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Apr 15, 2011
Makes me wonder... If someone is willing to take good care of their teeth, are they more likely to take good care of their body as well? :)
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Aug 13, 2010
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I didn't read the entire scientific study but from the abstract and conclusion it looks like we can still say there may be a link due to the nature of chronic inflammation.
There are very few studies that we can infer causation when it comes to the etiology of disease. There are so many factors involved.....

We all know that smoking can lead to cancer, yet we cannot infer direct causation based on the fact that we can't conduct a random study on human beings.
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