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I decided on Rehab Sci late. Unfortunately, by that time, COVID had hit. The hospital/clinic system that effectively has a monopoly around here isn't allowing any visitors or volunteers because of COVID, meaning I can't get it before applying.

Do you think programs will accept, "I couldn't because of COVID" as a reason for a lack of observation hours? How much do you think this will hurt me?


Nov 30, 2020
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Most OT programs that I have seen you can appeal or do an alternative for observation hours. It varies on a case by case basis. Luckily I was able to get my hours before COVID so I haven't looked too much into that, but for example I know of a program where they provide their own videos and modules that you can complete as an alternative or write a paper. I would say for the most part, programs, if not all, are understanding of the present circumstances and have provided reasonable alternatives and accommodations -why GRE has been waived for a lot of programs, no in-person interviews etc-

Unfortunately it is important to have a letter of rec from a licensed OT so that might be hard to get if you've been unable to do any observation hours whatsoever.
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