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    Well, I just followed around another PD this weekend, and that makes five (allopathic). I asked them all the same question: What do I have to do to get into this program? They all said the same things. 1. Work well with the team, 2. Get along with others, 3. Be genuine. Then they said they look at board scores and grades. So then I asked how important is where you went to school. They said either it "rarely" ever comes up, or doesn't matter. So, I was thinking that they were taking the PC way out, but then the PD I followed this weekend showed me the infamous questionaire and last years results. See what I didn't know is that some get randomly picked to complete surveys asking them to rank what they evaluate their candidates on. Sure enough, board scores were like fifth down and grades were even lower. Research.... 24th beat out only by where you went to school. I know this is an average and not every school is the same, but I thought this is good info to share with you folks. There is hope for slackers.
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