Non-erasable markers? How bad is it?


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Aug 9, 2015
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    I think it's curious that Prometric wouldn't just provide a standard whiteboard, dry erase marker, and eraser. This is what I've become used to using over the years in school, and I'm wondering how big of an impact this will end up having on test day. I use a regular whiteboard when I do practice chemistry or math problems, and I have to write pretty big because of the wide-tip dry erase markers I use (I bought the skinny kind specifically for practicing, but they still write really wide). I also end up filling up and erasing the entire board every 3-4 problems, even though I'm making an effort to get used to writing small.

    Should I really be concerned with getting used to writing really tiny? What has everyone's experience been with the materials they provide? I have read they only come in to the room to replace boards every so often, which makes me nervous because I am a visual person when doing problems and I need to write a lot of stuff down. If anyone could let me know if they've had a good/bad experience with the boards and markers or any other details, I'd appreciate it.
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