Non-interventional Pain Physician, DC area

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Feb 4, 2010
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A large, well-established hospital-based group looking for a non-interventional pain physician to be a crucial part of a comprehensive pain program.

Significant resources already in place: interventional pain docs, pain pharmacists, addiction medicine, PM&R, alternative medicine, pain case manager.

Please PM me if interested: can be internal/family medicine, palliative care, PM&R, anesthesia background.

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"Must have strong Pen grip"
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"Must have strong Pen grip"

Not necessarily. We've had 50% opioid reduction in our system in the last 2 years, largely in part to the supporting resources we've put into place. We are salaried physicians, so no financial incentives to blur ethical lines.

A pain medication management position can be rewarding if you have support (like a pain psychologist right next door).

Plus who uses a pen anymore?!