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Mar 14, 2013
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My problem is that I do not have a non science professor that knows me well. I do have science professors that will write for me who know me well. I asked one of my non science professors from last semester if he would be willing to write for me. I did well in his class, I pulled an A off and did participate often in discussions. The professor said he would write for me if I wish him to, but he said I should ask myself if anyone else knows me better than he does. He said he also wants to meet with me to discuss my plans before he writes the letter. Should I pursue this professor as a letter writer or should I ask someone else because he said to ask myself if anyone else knows me better? Maybe the letter will be weak? I was going to waive my right to see it. No non science professor know me that well. Thanks.

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Okay, well, you're stuck between a rock and a hard place so for the future take away the importance of thinking about LORs early and building relationships with people who you will want LORs from.

The fact that this professor wants to meet is a positive sign - he wants to help you out and try and get the best letter possible together. That said, it is 100% a bad sign that the professor asked whether someone else can write this letter.

I would suggest that you ask a few other faculty members specifically whether they think they can write you a "strong letter of recommendation for medical school". You don't have to have gotten an A for a professor to think highly of you. Likewise, you are likely underestimating how well certain professors know you or how good of a letter they can write. You should pose this question to a few faculty members and see who responds the best - as long as you ask the question correctly, they will know better than you do whether their letter will turn out strong. In the case that all the people you ask give you similar levels of enthusiasm, then go forward with the professor who is willing to put in extra time to talk to you and to get to know you in order to write a better letter.