non-stem gap year ideas?

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Jan 23, 2023
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hi, i am wondering if anyone could offer some ideas on (ideally one year long) gap year programs related to:

1) research on history of medicine, health policy, medical humanities, or anything along these lines

2) community health centered jobs

i am having trouble finding ones with decent pay 😅

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1) Get a Masters degree. Don't forget medical ethics. (*)

2) Americorps

(*) Apparently there are Masters programs offered by some medical schools on the pharmacology of cannabis compounds. I don't know what the ads popping up on my feed are telling me.
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Coming right out of undergrad, you aren't likely to find anything in these realms with decent pay.

Community health centers are going to be looking for people with clinical skills and certification/registration/licensure and people with administrative skills (accounting, programming, patient registration/reception).

For health policy the opportunities that come to mind may depend on your network and contacts but legislative bodies and executive branch bureaus touching on health and human services would be high on my list as would associations related to health care providers and disease entities (e.g. American Hospital Association, [state name] Academy of Pediatrics, American Cancer Society, [state name] Heart Association, etc. (There are American __ Associations and National __ Associations where the National Associations came up at a time when Black professionals were not permitted to joint their State Medical Associations and were thus shut out of the AMA which required membership in the State Association.)
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