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  1. B

    What to focus on during gap year for application

    I am taking a gap year to beef up my ECs before applying next year. I have pretty good stats (3.98 gpa, 520 mcat) but very weak ECs so wanted to get some advice. My ECs so far: 150 hours of hospice volunteering 150 hours of food bank volunteering I plan on getting shadowing and continuing the...
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  3. T

    Gap years: What have you guys done during a 2-3 year gap between undergrad and med school?

    Hi! I'm a current third-year undergraduate student majoring in business/finance while taking prereqs. Very competitive GPA ( near 3.9), High Sci GPA of about 3.8. Multiple translational and clinical research laboratory experiences with a publication submitted as third author. It has pretty...
  4. T

    Best things you've done in your gap years? (Looking for advice)

  5. redeiffel97

    Best Gap Year Options

    Hello! So, I graduated with a BS in Biology last May and I am currently working on completing my MS in Biomedical Science. I'll be finished with that in August, and then I'll be taking 1-2 years off before starting medical school. I am strongly considering an MD/PhD because I love research as...
  6. Japo237


    I am a current applicant to dental schools and have had 4 interviews at UF, UPenn, Pitt, and UK. I have a 4.0 GPA and 23 AA/23 PAT/ 23 Science average on my DAT. The covid-19 pandemic looks like it will be continuing on for at least the next year. Dental school is extremely expensive and I want...
  7. R

    I'm taking 2 gap years. How can I improve?

  8. Jaggar

    Advice on what to do next?

    Hi all. Topic is as the heading says. So to give some background, I'm a recent graduate of a canadian university, did a B.Sc with overall GPA of 3.23 (and for the record, my first two year averages were about 82% each, and last two years averages were about 79% each, one undergrad course a C...
  9. K

    How do medical schools view non-traditional gap year jobs?

    Hi everyone. I am going into my second gap year and am applying for the next cycle. I have scribed and worked in research along with all of the other typical pre-medical/gap year jobs. I am moving to another state and am not looking for another $10-$15 per hour job. I was recently offered a job...
  10. S

    Gap year help

    I am a senior trying to decide how to spend my gap year. I have an offer from City Year with Americorps but don't know if clinical experience or clinical research would be better for my application and don't know whether I can survive on the City Year stipend. Would appreciate any advice on what...
  11. PositivOT

    Other OT-Related Information Getting OT-related experiences & working to make myself and stronger applicant

    Main Questions: 1) I really don't want to have to take two gap-years, but since I have to retake some classes and take two more pre-reqs, I feel like I have no other choice and would need to apply for the 2020-2021 application cycle. Does anyone have advice on what I should be doing this year...
  12. E

    Deciding Gap Year Job?

    I know this isn't necessarily a brand new question, but I'm struggling to pick between two job offers I have for my gap year. I just graduated and submitted primaries for the 2020 cycle, so in the one year before med school I sought out different jobs. I ended with a fulltime offer from...
  13. M

    Gap Year Advice

    Hi! I just graduated college, I ended with a cGPA of 3.36 and sGpa of 3.2 Now I know my stats aren't amazing, but I would rather focus on the mcat so that's why I didn't really consider doing a PostBacc since I know I am the type of student who can't do classes and mcat prep all the same time...
  14. A

    Plans if not accepted

    I'm currently in my second gap year. The only interview I got was from my state school (Oregon). I applied this cycle with the following: 516 (130/126/129/131) 3.67 cGPA, 3.6 sGPA Double Major: Physics, Biochemistry/Biophysics 650 research hours (no publications) 900 clinical hours (scribing...
  15. Wayfinder

    Help me improve my EC's / Gap Year Work Question

    Hello SDN! Just looking for some feedback on my app's process, and job advice. Degree: Biomedical Sciences Graduated May 2018 local state university Cumulative GPA: 3.82 Science GPA: 3.81 MCAT Score: Test date April 2019 (Fingers Crossed! Just started studying.) Targeted Application Date: June...