Apr 5, 2020
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Hi all!

I'm gonna put it all out there even though I know I will be relentlessly scorned for my despicable 1st degree GPA. Here goes nothin'.

I graduated in 2015 with a 2.1 cGPA, didn't do any premed coursework. Went back to the same school last year and will have a 2nd degree from same school in biology with a 3.84 GPA over the 6 semesters I attended. cGPA still sucks but last 45+ >3.8 GPA. Did this all while working 36 hours a week at local ER which is a university hospital + level I trauma. Also, yes, decent explanation for ****ty 1st GPA but also just overall lack of maturity. Looking forward to explaining this in more detail in secondaries/interviews.

Can anyone help me put together a list of schools that either a) will replace GPA with more recent credits b) holistically review apps and actually mean it? I just recently heard about the GPA replacement and it seems too good to be true; however, if it is real I am finally seeing a light at the end of my dark tunnel. Obviously I am a different student / person than I was in undergraduate and I have valuable work experiences, but I just thought I would never get seen past my monstrous cGPA.

Any advice is helpful. Once I put together a good list of schools who favor a strong upward trend / recent GPA credits I plan to contact them directly to confirm and discuss next steps. Thank you and all BEST of luck to you in all your endeavors!!!
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