nontraditional applicant

  1. hcampo

    WAMC - Non Trad 1st Time Applicant

    Hey y’all! I’m finally applying to vet school this cycle after a few very long few years and hoping to get some direction as to where I should apply and what I should expect realistically to happen. My story/extenuating circumstances: I was diagnosed with PTSD my sophomore year of undergrad...
  2. B

    PhD/PsyD I should probably give up on the whole idea, right?

    thanks to helpers, can't leave this up RE opsec
  3. Elms Graduate

    Good Experience at Elms College

    Giving a shout-out to the Elms College Biomedical Masters Program and, more importantly, Janet Williams for helping me gain two medical school acceptances! I was a non-traditional applicant with poor undergraduate academic performance and little research experience. Elms helped me develop and...
  4. C

    School list help: 3.5GPA/502 MCAT, non-trad international, OH resident

    Hi! I'm a non-trad who'd really appreciate SDNers' feedback on what schools I have a chance at/where to improve. Thank you! cGPA/sGPA: 3.5/3.5 MCAT: 502 (488 -> 497 -> 502) State of residence: OH Ethnicity: Asian Undergrad/Graduate: State University Gap years: Taking a few years off to work...
  5. aquamist

    WAMC / School List Input: ORM Nontrad CA Resident

  6. S

    Nontrad (3.66/521) - WAMC + School List Help

    Basically, I'm looking for both a general WAMC and some ideas of low- and mid-tier schools to add to my list, which I think is too top-heavy for my cumulative GPA, lack of pubs/posters, and low service hours. Not really interested in TMDSAS or DO schools. All advice welcome! Background...
  7. Dani Cawai

    RN to MD/DO route with international BSN degree, if anyone has done it could you share the process?

    I just wanted to know if my chances of getting accepted into med school are higher if I went to a CC or a university for the prereqs/premed? I plan to work while studying for the prereqs/premed, how should I maintain my GPA? Given my situation (w/ international degree from the PH) would you...
  8. A

    Best schools for nontraditional students

    Hi all! Does anyone have any thoughts on the best schools for nontraditional students? My boyfriend is pursuing a long term dream of being a dentist and hoping to enter in fall 2024. He has a chemistry degree and graduated with a 3.6ish GPA and distinction/university research scholar honors in...
  9. E

    Old Non-Clinical Volunteer Hours

    Hi y'all and thanks for reading! I've got a lot of non-clinical volunteer hours (thousands) but from a significant while back (2017). I'm a non-trad so I've been really focused on semi-quickly building my academic and clinical. I will definitely be starting non-clinical volunteering, but I would...
  10. J

    Should I get a second bachelor’s degree?

    Hi, I am looking for advices on whether I should go back to school and get a second bachelor’s degree to look more competitive? I have a Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in music, graduated in 2021. With GPA 3.654 for the undergraduate and 3.9 during the graduate school. But after working for a...
  11. D

    RN to MD?

    Hi everyone, Thanks for reading this. I am an ER RN in my mid-20s in WA. I have always wanted to work in healthcare. When I was a child, I dreamt of becoming a doctor, however, once I learned about the rigorous admission requirements and long hours of residency, I decided I wanted to go the...
  12. T

    Non-Trad and Science Letters of Recommendation

  13. H

    PreMed to RN to NP or MD?

    I have a career dilemma that has been growing heavier and heavier on my mind. As far back as I remember I’ve wanted to be a physician, I come from a very medical family, my mother is an NP while my father is an MD. In college I pursued pre-med, had plenty of shadowing, research projects...
  14. AndrewTaylorStill's femur

    MOVED Question:Non-traditional Student and School List/Ethos Fit

  15. G

    missing volunteer components to strengthen application?

    I am planning to apply in 2023. I have non-clinical volunteering hours (2000+) leading a youth outreach for the past 5 years. I plan to shadow a doctor colleague when covid restrictions are reduced as they will not accept shadows for now (aiming to get at least 100 hours). In 2013 I worked in a...

    Premed to Predent

    So I'm finishing up my masters at Rutgers Biomed, however, I came in as premed. GPA has been a 4.0 but due to undergrad and copious credits I took, it only brings it up to above a 3.4. I'm Asian so if I continue w/ medicine I'm most likely going to osteopathic school. I'm not okay with becoming...
  17. topwoodsfan27

    Considering an MS in bioethics - before or after the MD?

    I am currently 24 and have just returned to school for my second to last semester of my organismal biology BS that I have been working on since the Fall of 2015, with two separate extended medical absences thrown in. I do have a 4.0 and know that I'm very fortunate to not have to worry so much...
  18. M

    School List? 3.98/518/nontrad/ORM/WA

    Hello all, I am a nontrad trying to navigate the pre-med rodeo and figured I could use some help from the experts! Does anyone have reccos of schools that might take kindly to my app? My primary is verified but I haven't sent to any schools other than my WA state schools given my pending MCAT...
  19. J

    changes of getting into good postbacc

    Hi All, First time posting here, and really need some good insight from the group. I am 31 years old and a career changer. Here is a little background about me : 3.7 uGPA from a top 50 state university. Major in accounting / econ Also did master of accounting and worked in industry for a...
  20. S

    What should my next move be? Had to push my exam back and now I'm just lost

    So I have recently decided to push my exam back. My exam is scheduled for June 30th but I am still yet to break 500 (my highest score was 497). I know that it is too late for me to raise my score so I plan on pushing it back or canceling it. When it comes to content I find that I struggle with...
  21. ginach

    Where should I apply? California resident 22AA/3.6 sGPA

    (Do let me know if there would be a better place to post this for more responses, lol) Hi, I'm a non traditional student planning to apply to this upcoming cycle. I graduated 4 years ago with a bachelors degree in psychology. I decided immediately after graduation that I wanted to pivot to...
  22. F

    Pre-med Post-Bac Application Question

    Hello all you informed pre-med/med people! I am a current junior in college (basically a senior since the year is practically over) and I am a film student who has made the ultimate decision to become a physician! I'm not going to use this space to give you my reasons why/how/etc but I was...
  23. S

    How to get into a US medical school with bad grades?

    I’ve attended a US accredited 4 year university but had to drop out because of family financial reasons/a tragedy happened in my life. My grades were perfect for the first two years of schooling, I was on the deans list for maintaining >3.8 GPA. suddenly my grades dropped in my last 1.5 years at...
  24. C

    Is research/volunteering necessary if coming from an allied health field? (OT to MD)

    Hi everyone, I'm a current OT student and will be graduating this May with my doctorate. I'm looking into pursuing medicine, and am trying to make a plan for myself. I'm planning on working full time at a hospital as an OT once I graduate, and I was wondering if you all think I will need...
  25. P

    Chances for non traditional/low gpa

    Hello! I’m a non traditional pre-med student. I earned my BS in psychology and my GPA was on the low side at 3.0. Now I’m doing a pre-health post bac at the University of Pennsylvania and my grades have been better. So far into my first year I’m at a 3.4. Additionally, I work full time as a...
  26. R

    What's my best option?

    Long story short, I graduated with a bachelor in Engineering (Chemical) with a 2.76 cGPA and just finished a maters in Mathematics with a cGPA 3.7. After a series of incidents, I decided now to go for medical school. I have research experience in math and biomed-engineering(worked under...
  27. K

    Pre Reqs at a CC will I be taken seriously?

    Hello all, I’m currently 25yrs and making a career change to go to dental school. I need to take my pre reqs first which I think I can do in 5 semesters. I have bachelors in dental hygiene and have been an RDH for 3 years now and will be working full time still while I take my classes. It would...
  28. C

    Non Trad Low GPA Higher MCAT CA

    Hey guys, I'm a nontraditional 28 yo applicant, graduated class 2014 with biological sciences degree. Here are my stats: MCAT: 517 undergrad cGPA: 3.09 (including the postbacc "undergrad" courses) 2.92 (if I didn't include the postbacc) undergrad sGPA: 2.87 (including the postbacc "undergrad"...
  29. A

    Low GPA Waiver Letter?

    Hi everyone, I submitted most of my post-bacc applications and I just got my first rejection letter ... got me thinking I should have addressed my low GPA in my personal statement more. For the CAS system, they calculated my overall GPA to be 3.11 .... I didn't anticipate this, since I went to...
  30. C

    Taking Prerequisites After College Graduation

    Hi Everyone! I am a non-traditional pre-med student. I started taking pre-reqs in college but did not complete them. I have 6 classes to take: Physics I & II , Chemistry 2, Biochem, Organic I & II. I am thinking about taking all 6 of these classes this upcoming semester. I'd take the physics...
  31. modest_maozedong

    Non-trad friendly GPA replacement school list

    Hi all! I'm gonna put it all out there even though I know I will be relentlessly scorned for my despicable 1st degree GPA. Here goes nothin'. I graduated in 2015 with a 2.1 cGPA, didn't do any premed coursework. Went back to the same school last year and will have a 2nd degree from same...
  32. C

    Applying to PostBac PreMed Programs - Advice?

    Welcome everyone, any guidance or insight you can offer is greatly appreciated! I'm currently in my senior year of undergrad as a B.S. in Psych student. Pursing medicine always seemed like a pipe dream for me—a first generation college student who severely slacked off in high school (mainly due...
  33. M

    Where to Pickup on Path to MedSchool?

    I’ve always wanted to go to med school for psychiatry, but I 1.) never thought I could do it and 2.) didn’t think I could pay for it. I became a teacher instead, and while in that career, I got a PhD in psychology (I thought it would make me a better teacher if I better understood motivation...
  34. House911MD

    Seeking Mentorship in Psychiatry

    I am looking for academic mentorship in psychiatry for this application cycle. Someone who is familiar with the application/interview/match process. Preferably an academic faculty member, but would live to also chat with any resident or fellow or recent graduate. I am also open to any advice on...
  35. Future Dr. Juice

    Chances of getting into postbacc?

    Hi everyone, I am new to SDN and I am looking for help in regards to my chances of getting into a career changer post-bacc program. I have one semester left in undergrad and I will be graduating this December, 2020. I am a psychology major at an HBCU with a current cumulative GPA of a 3.43, I...
  36. P

    Is it still free to reschedule the DAT due to covid?

    Hello everyone, Anyone reschedule recently and didn't have to pay the fee? I have heard rumors that it was once free, but no longer is. Thanks.
  37. B

    Re-Applicant: too late for SMP? DO application list

    Re-Applicant in need of some serious help. I applied this cycle and received 2 DO II (rejected) and 1 MD II (waitlist). At this point I am leaning towards re-applying to specifically DO school. Based on my application I think the main hinderance was my gpa. If anyone can give me insight to maybe...
  38. SciencyFriend

    Nontraditional (Young) Applicant WAMC and School List Help!!

    Education Undergraduate Institution: Southeast Missouri State University-Rising Senior Major: Biomedical Science MCAT: (Haven't taken yet, but average AAMC FL score of 518 129/131/130/128 across 4 exams under STC) cGPA 4.00 | sGPA 4.00 Credits Applied: 94 Upper level sciences: Advanced...
  39. topwoodsfan27

    Looking for advice

    Hi all- I’m slightly non-traditional. 22yo Caucasian female, LGBT. Long story short, I graduated HS in 2015 and was awarded a Stamps Scholarship to LSU. During my third semester in the Fall of 2016, I was forced to resign for medical reasons. I returned in the spring and completed that semester...
  40. B

    Question for Accepted Non-Trads from Business World

    Congrats on the A! I'm one of the aforementioned Non-Trads with 5 years strategy consulting experience applying this cycle. I am trying to finalize my personal statement, which does not discuss my business experience at all (aside from a short digression stating that I strayed from medicine for...