Non-trad needing advice

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Apr 19, 2017
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Hi all,

I am wanting to go for my dream and become a doctor. I have a dual BS (Kinesiology and Nutrition (2.89 graduated 2006) a MS that I obtained online (legit in Kinesiology 3.84 graduated 2010) and now I am wanted to pursue an online MS in Microbiology from UFL (go Gators). I will also need to take other prerequisites at my local cc but I was wondering if anyone knows or thinks that this will be a waste of time. I am only doing this to improve my science GPA and to update my sciences (undergrads are over 10 yo). I am a Texas resident wanting to apply to BCM and UT-Houston. Being a mother, wife, and teacher of Kinder, it would be very hard to go to local universities especially because my husband is in school full time right now.

Thank you!!

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Master's degrees have no effect on on undergraduate gpa (which is used to assess academic strength for MD schools). Online degrees have even less effect. DO schools see things differently.

TX does have a Fresh Start program wherein they forgive grades over 10 years old. I recommend that you look into it.
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Thank you. I will look into it.

The TMDSAS schools are online friendly, but BCM is not. BCM also does not participate in fresh start. Since you seem limited to Houston, that leaves you with only one school. Even if you had rock solid stats and ECs, applying one school is a risky gamble. I highly recommend that whatever you do you figure out a way to apply more broadly.
It is funny you mentioned BCM and Fresh Start. I called admissions and they knew nothing about it. I was puzzled as to why, but if they do not participate in it then that explains a lot. My second option is UT Health Science Center. So, I will look into them as well. They are both in the medical center here. Also, I am limited because I can not move my family. My support system is here and this will help me once I get in.
Thank you for you input.