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May 24, 2014
Seeking some advice on how I should continue. I graduated with my BS in Biological Sciences at a SUNY in 2017 and have been working as a Care Coordinator at a major NYC hospital.

I am a first generation American, first to graduate high school/college, URM, and low SES. My low grades were due to a lack of preparation (went to college without a solid plan) and horrible study skills. I will continue my DIY post bacc (currently 1 course/semester) while studying for the MCAT and working FT but would like some advice as to how many more credits in post bacc work to do or if completing a SMP would benefit my situation.

I was looking into Drexel's DPMS, NYMC AMP, or SUNY Upstate's Medprep program.

Below are my stats:

Year/Sem. Hours/GPA/cGPA

Freshman 29/2.7/ 2.7

Sophomore 28/ 3.0/2.8

Junior 32/2.9/2.8

Senior 33/3.5/3.0

Post-bacc 18/3.7/3.1


Freshman 23/2.6/ 2.6

Sophomore 22/ 2.8/2.7

Junior 29/2.8/2.7

Senior 30/3.5/2.9

Post-bacc 18/3.7/3.1

Thank you for any advice!


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Mar 19, 2014
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Assuming you score well on the MCAT, you might be okay with just taking a semester or two and applying early/broadly to DO schools (especially newer ones).

If you greatly prefer MD, then I would suggest an SMP. I would caution you against making this decision lightly, as most SMPs are very expensive and academically rigorous. You will not be able to work (even PT) during the program.

You have a third option of continuing your DIY post-bacc for a few more years, but this will take the longest and still might not put you in MD-range.
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