Non traditional Engineering Major. Best Route to Med.

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Mar 27, 2013
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I am a BS in Engineering(3.3 GPA) . I have taken 1 year physics, 1 year Gen Chem, Calc, Stats...etc. I am missing Ochem, General Bio and/or Anatomy/Upper Division Bio.

What would be my best choice of action for getting into med school?

A)Would finishing my prereqs while pursuing an MPH

B) getting into a Post Bacc


C) would getting a MS Engineering with an Emphasis on Health Technology then applying be more worth it? (while finishing prereqs)

Note 1: with either route I plan to volunteer at a hospital.

Note 2: I was thinking of doing the Air Force Reserve so that I can complete an MS without as much debt.

Your input is greatly appreciated. Thanks

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You haven't said much about your situation (graduated, work experience, science GPA, etc), and so in general: You don't need extra degrees. Concentrate on getting the pre-reqs done along with some upper level bio (ie, a post-bacc), and in getting A's in all of these classes.
Apologies. I'm new to this forum. Graduated with Bachelors in Electrical Engineering, work experience-I don't have any relevant experience working at a hospital but I've worked in aerospace industry for more a year if that matters, Volunteered (6 months at a hospital and currently volunteering at a different one). Cum GPA is 3.3. My science GPA in the Premed Classes is about the same 3.2-3.3 range.(haven't taken ochem, bio, anantomy and any upper division electives yet). Also I reside in CA (which I know is more competitive than other states)
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I had a similar situation, degree already finished with about half the prerequisites. Similar job too, in aerospace.

What I did was keep my job and go to school at night at the local university to finish the classes. Volunteer and shadow at the same time. I think acquiring work experience like this, especially if you're in an r&d role like I am, really helped me in that I was able to spin it as research. Plus it let schools see that I had real world experience. No need for an mph or formal postbac, just do what you need to do on your own.

Good luck
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