MD Non Traditional Paramedic School List Help

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Nov 2, 2017
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* State/Country of Residence: Florida
* Ties to other States/Regions: Pennsylvania, Rhode Island/New England, Ohio, and Arizona
* [URM]( (Y/N): N
* Year in School: Post-Bacc; Second Career Non-Trad
* Undergraduate Major(s)/Minor(s): A.S. in Emergency Medical Services (Paramedic); B.S. in Biomedical Sciences with a Minor in Philosophy
* Graduate Degrees (if applicable):
* Cumulative GPA: 4.0
* Science GPA: 4.0
* MCAT Score(s): 521 (131,129,131,130)
* Research Experience: 200 hours of philosophy of science research with an honorable mention as a research assistant on a publication still pending at a top journal. 1000 hours of clinical research with one conference presentation at my University. Expected 2500 hours by matriculation with multiple publication opportunities in the late summer/fall of this year.
* Publications/Abstracts/Posters (include how you were credited e.g. first author, second author, etc.): See above
* Clinical Experience (paid or volunteer):
* 10,000 hours as an EMT/Paramedic (Full time for 3 years, part time for 3 years during Uni) paid service.
* 250 hours as a shift supervisor after cofounding a University EMS service. We've saved our students over $10,000, giving free transport to the student clinic. During COVID we set up a swabbing support team that provided thousands of patients with swabbing. All free so the county had staffing
* Physician Shadowing: 20 hours ER; 10 hours Electrophysiology
* Non-Clinical Volunteering: 500 hours in leadership in a student organization dedicated to increasing awareness of prehospital emergency medicine. Included tutoring an Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) course as well as serving as a CPR instructor
* Other Extracurricular Activities: Crisis Textline Volunteer (150 hours)
* Other Employment History: Currently employed in industry clinical research where I work on pharmaceutical trials. My site was the highest enrolling in the recent ENSEMBLE COVID vaccine study sponsored by Johnson and Johnson. I also have had multiple academic opportunities in affiliation with local Uni (see research experience). Additionally I'm in charge of coordinating education in clinical research methods at my job as well as leading teams to create protocols and launch trials.
* Immediate family members in medicine? (Y/N): Kind of, chiropractor?
* Specialty of Interest (if applicable): Critical care, cardiology, pulmonology, anesthesiology, emergency medicine.
* Interest in Primary Care (Y/N): N
* Interest in Rural Health (Y/N): N
* Medical School List (I have F.A.P. so I'm not worried about fees, I've already been pre-writing primary and secondaries so I can apply far and wide):
* Dartmouth
* Cornell
* Columbia
* Emory
* Duke
* Vanderbilt
* University of Cincinnati
* University of Miami
* University of Florida
* University of Pittsburgh
* University of Pennsylvania (Perelman)
* Tufts
* Boston University
* Johns Hopkins
* Yale
* Harvard
* University of South Florida
* Northwestern
* Stanford
* Case Western
* Brown University
* Baylor
* University of Michigan
* Ohio State University
* UT Southwestern
* Einstein
* University of Iowa
* UNC Chapel Hill
* Rutgers
* Wake Forest
* Drexel
* Georgetown
* George Washington
* University of Wisconsin
* University of Central Florida
* Medical College of Georgia

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May 28, 2014
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You have a fantastic app and that's a good list. You can cut it a bit short if you want, some places are likely low yield: Rutgers, MCG, Drexe.,