1. sparklepuff97

    SOS: How do I choose a program?

    Hello all! Psychology/Computer Science undergraduate senior/incoming (career-changer) post-bacc here. Firstly, I hope you are all feeling/faring well during this difficult time. Personally, I am feeling quite overwhelmed and am looking advice, if anyone here might have any insights into my...
  2. A

    Nontrad - am I doing enough to become a solid applicant down the road?

    I’m 30 years old and hold a masters degree in the field of finance along with a CPA license. After having done this for almost 8 years now, with each year getting progressively worse, I’ve decided I want something different and after about a year of considering medicine via volunteer...
  3. C

    Chem PhD nontraditional with limited clinical experience but otherwise good app - what do you think?

    Hey guys, I’m a non traditional MD applicant looking at applying this May 2020 and I need advice. I have a PhD in chemistry from a top 5 school, lots of research, > 10 publications, GPA 3.8, and have worked the last two years in biotech/pharma consulting. MCAT is in April but have been getting...
  4. D


  5. S

    Non traditional student advice from early graduate students

    Hello If you’ve completed undergraduate school (pre-med) within 3 years and have successfully gotten into medical school right after (no gap year) please DM me, I have some questions I’d like to ask. OR If you completed your pre-med within 3 years and had to take a gap year, but you still...
  6. jstkeepswimming

    Reinvention Journey - looking for feedback!

    Hello all, So I'm currently working on reinventing my resume for medical school and am looking for advice on where to go from here. I have an idea of what I want to do but feedback is always appreciated and welcome. Due to my unfortunately bad grades in community college (and early undergrad at...
  7. M3_SixSpeed

    EVMS Med Masters 2020-2021

    Hey all, This is my first post ever. I didn't see a post on the EVMS Med Masters program (1 year) for Fall of 2020 to spring of 2021 so I thought I would start it. I submitted my application in early December of 2019 and received in acceptance I think right around Christmas. I did take the time...
  8. DocHopeful1

    My Vulnerable and Personal Caribbean Medical School Journey

    This is for my Pre-Meds and Non-Traditional students considering a Caribbean medical school. Fair warning, this is going to be a long post, but it will be my personal unbiased journey. I have no secret agenda; I am not trying to convince you to do one thing or another. I will be keeping it 100%...
  9. ruedi

    ALL pre-reqs online (UNE)

    I am 30, no formal science background. I have a BA (psychology, health care inequalities) 3.89; and MA (Sociology) 3.9 I have professional experience in Clinical research coordination and in mental health services (direct services and treatment plan management; worked under supervision of a DO...
  10. M

    Nontraditional applicant, what are my chances for Texas MD/DO schools

    Would really appreciate the advice. I'm currently 31, wanting to apply to medical school in 2 to 3 years. I'll be 34 or 35 by then. From age 22 to 27 I worked as a pharmacy tech and from 27 up until now I am working as a Medical Technologist also known as a Medical Lab Scientist. Major...
  11. A

    Non traditional with low gpa - need advice on post bacc options

    Hey everyone! So I just graduated this May with a B.S in Computer Science from a state school. I've felt the calling towards medical school for as long as I can remember, however my parents pushed me to do CS. Right now I was able to land a job with a huge company as a software engineer with...
  12. willywhompus

    Nontraditional Student starting DIY post bac in Spring - Need help figuring out what courses I need to retake

    Hi, I (24F) am returning to my university in Spring 2020 to begin a DIY post bacc for medical school. I graduated with my B.A. in Psychology in May 2019 (3.83 GPA) and am seeking advice for which courses I need to retake to apply and to be competitive. I've read that some schools do not accept...
  13. BradyJV

    Considering an online, one-year masters in nutrition during my gap year

    Hello, everyone. Long story short - My grades, LOR's, extracurriculars, etc should be decently competitive for medical school and wouldn't use this masters in a way to try to "boost" my application. I decided to pursue medicine after dietary and lifestyle changes that helped me tremendously. I'm...
  14. DoctoOcto

    Thoughts on Human Anatomy, Human Physiology, and Microbio at a CC?

    I'm looking to add some units to my science workload over the next year or so, and I'm currently enrolled in General Human Anatomy at a CC. Outside of obvious padder science classes like Intro. to Astronomy and Biotechnology, the only "rigorous-enough" science classes are Anato/Physio and...
  15. S

    Retakes and DO schools?

    Hey everyone, It's been a while, but I have a question. I was wondering if DO schools are out of the question if a non traditional applicant retook 1 prerequisite class more than 3 times? I was wondering if that is the case then what can the applicant do to improve their...
  16. N

    NP to MD

  17. 9


  18. TheGroove

    Anyone get accepted with online degree?

    Got an associates degree with research, all my prerequisites done, multiple LOR’s, and have other awards/accomplishments specific to the small college but it’s a 90 minute drive. About to start a 24/48 schedule, so traditional classes would be hard and I’m considering finishing my undergrad at...
  19. S

    Currently in CRNA school & considering backtracking to make the switch to medical school. Am I crazy?

    Brief history: I was a horribly average high school student. My poor academic performance drove me nuts, so I viewed undergrad as a chance to prove to myself what I could accomplish. I graduated with a BSN, a 4.0 cGPA, and I was very involved in extracurriculars in my university. After...
  20. J

    Nontrad applying to DO, MD, or SMP. In need of advice.

    Hi everyone! I am a 28 year old female interested in becoming a physician. I would greatly appreciate any feedback or advice on my strength as a candidate, if I need to do an SMP or post-bacc, etc. I graduated in 2014 with a BS in Biochemistry and minor in biology. My GPA is poor: cGPA is 3.25...
  21. TheGroove

    Online after finishing all prereqs, some research, etc. Advice needed

    Hi, everyone. SDN lurker for a while, but decided to make an account for a question I have. I’ll be graduating a small state college soon with an Associate of Science in Biology. I’ve taken all my prerequisites, have good LOR’s from professors, was a college ambassador, have shadowing...
  22. 8

    Nontraditional Student-School List, Need Help!

    A bit about me- Undergrad degree: supply chain management and marketing from a top 30 business school. Undergrad GPA: 3.57 Post-Bacc/sGPA: 3.97 (I took no sciences undergrad). MCAT: 517 (130/126/130/131) Residence: Illinois Not disadvantaged. EC's: 1,200+ hours scribing, international EMS...
  23. 8

    School List for Nontrad-Need Help!

    A bit about me- Undergrad degree: supply chain management and marketing from a top 30 business school. Undergrad GPA: 3.57 Post-Bacc/sGPA: 3.97 (I took no sciences undergrad). MCAT: 517 (130/126/130/131) Residence: Illinois Not disadvantaged. EC's: 1,200+ hours scribing, international EMS...
  24. A

    First time posting - to try or not to try , that is the question..

    Hey everyone , It's my first time posting here ( although i am a devoted stalker of sdn), and I would really love to hear some output on my application/Situation. some background about me : I graduated high school early - so started to work from an early age. When the time i was 18 , me and my...
  25. I

    Does a high MCAT score "counteract" CC classes?

    So, I've been doing extensive research on the medical admissions process and reading a lot of posts on SDN. I definitely got 2 things: 1) For those who graduated with a low GPA in college and want to career change, you need go through a "reinvention", and 2) You should avoid prerequisites...
  26. D


  27. marwalla

    What should I do?

    Hi, I’m a non-traditional Black student. I went to community college first and completed a good chunk of pre-med courses and later I transferred to a university. During my time in CC, I took on 12-19 credit hour course loads (with the permission of my institution), while also taking care of my...
  28. D

    Need Masters advice!

    Hi all, I am writing this post today to ask for advice! Currently, I have a 2.95 GPA and I am projected to have a 3.06 GPA after this semesters DIY postbacc coursework. I took the MCAT last summer and got a 502 and am applying to masters programs right now to begin 2019-2020. I have had...
  29. H

    Looking for PS readers

    Hola! I've been working on my personal statement and I've had a few eyes on it but looking to get a few more to review. Basically looking for if it flows well/makes sense; if "my story" comes across and if I answered the "why medicine?" question. PM if interested. Thanks!!
  30. Python Forever

    Will Leaving California Benefit Me, Or Will Adcoms See Through It?

    I'm a 23-year old ORM in California (graduated 2 months ago), and I'm looking to start a career change/transcript repair post-bacc in a few months after working for ~6 months. From what I read, it seems clear a CA ORM with relatively low stats = kiss of death. I had dinner with my mom last...
  31. Python Forever

    UCLA Extension Viewed as 4-Year University?

    I'm a nontrad looking to start taking the prereqs the later half of this year. I live in SoCal so my options are limited to UCLA Extension, UCLA Concurrent Enrollment, and CSU classes. I think UCLA CE is out of the question due to cost and unreliability in getting into classes. From what I...
  32. S

    Soul searching

    Hey everyone, New to the forum here. 27 years old junior getting my bachelors in Bio. Had a bunch of life twists and turns and couldn't finish my degree when I was younger. I didn't do well in a couple of my earlier classes due to certain circumstances but have retaken them and gotten As but...
  33. reesetee

    My Stats.. Could use experienced opinions

    Hi everyone, I've been working to get into a DPT program since 2012 with a no luck and could use some opinions. I want to see what you all think good next-steps could be given my situation. Here are my stats: cgpa: 2.98 (for 253 credit hours including a masters program) pgpa: 3.4 (began...
  34. Z


    I am a nontraditional student who transferred from a 6 year pharmacy program after 4 years into a regular undergrad to finish a bio degree. Long story short, I was an immature student who only focused on having fun and getting extracurriculars because I wanted to get into pharma, but I started...
  35. E

    Have started reinvention - would appreciate some guidance

    Hello everyone, I'm a recent graduate with a 2.6 GPA from a UC (Cali resident) and have a STEM degree. I've taken many math/CS classes, but 0 bio/chem/physics and VERY few humanities during my undergrad. I've taken Gen Chem 1, 2 + Orgo 1, 2 so far at UCLA Extension (Chem XL 14A/B/C/D + the 2...
  36. K

    Transferring Post-Bac Programs

    Hello, This is my first post so please bear with me. I received a psychology degree from a state school and graduated with a 3.9 GPA. The last year of college I decided that I wanted to enter healthcare, specifically a doctor. I had toyed with the idea before but I think I was too emotionally...
  37. O

    Difficult decision on when to apply!

    I'm a male URM (African-American) currently about to finish a DIY post-bacc in Texas this coming Spring. I'm going to be using Texas's Academic Fresh Start (AFS) to increase my GPA before applying for all Texas MD medical schools. I've been doing this DIY program for exactly 2 years now and...
  38. Prescribe_Rock&Roll

    American Seeking to Study Medicine in Spain

    I am a nontraditional, 28-year-old American from Boston, Massachusetts. I am set to earn my undergraduate degree by December 2019—a BS in Exercise & Health Sciences, minor in Biology. Aside from having previously changed my major like a hundred times before realizing my passion for medicine and...
  39. C

    I might have shot myself in the foot...

    Hello SDN. Sorry about the length of the original post, its my first time using the forums. Background - Age: 24 - Ethnicity: Filipino (Born in the Philippines, moved to America and became an American Citizen) - State of Residence: NJ - Major: B.S. Science w/ Minor in Psychology at a 4-year...