Nontrad, strong informal postbac GPA trend, but still has some problems

Aug 23, 2016
I graduated six yeas ago. It was a low GPA (under 3.0 for AMCAS). During that time, I worked and retaken almost all the first and second classes that I have a C or lower at a local CC, replaced every class with an A. (First while working and later full time student).

I also took classes at a 4 year university. Because my BCMP GPA was low and I had already taken many premed classes during my undergraduate, I did another science major because it was really interesting. I did well in it, but ended up with a B on the retake for a recommended upper level science class for medical school. I also ended up with some Ws, but was a full time student every semester. Because I have some Ws and a B on a retake for a recommended class, I feel like this is disadvantageous combined with a 3.2 GPA.

I was wondering if a strong MCAT can reverse the trend or is MD schools pretty much out of the picture?

Short summary:

1. Replaced all 1-2nd year mistakes at CC.

2. Taken a new science major due to interest (nearly all As, but not as medically related)

3. Ended up with a B on a required class, second time taking it, and several Ws (but was a full time student every semester)

4. informal postbac was close to 3.8 GPA, but only has 4 As in 8 common first year medical classes. One of them is a B taking it the second time, and the other is a C+ that I never had the chance to retake.

5. Worried because so many of the "successes" were retakes and I still messed up on a retake getting a B.

6. Can a high MCAT the first time make a difference?


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Jun 30, 2015
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From my understanding, there is no such thing as "grade-replacement" with MD schools. So the thing to do would be to average all of the grades from all of the schools you have been to, to get a science GPA and a cumulative GPA. DO schools do use grade replacement and if you have a strong MCAT with a 3.2 you should be okay at those.