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  1. ChelseaLene

    Changing Job after 6 months Pre-Med

    Hello! I have been working as a patient safety aide for a hospital for about 6 months now, however I am currently thinking about applying for a patient care technician job at the same hospital. I work with nurses and patient care techs all the time, and I currently work variable shifts and was...
  2. W

    Incoming undergrad pre-med deciding school help

    Hi! I'm a current highschool senior trying to decide the best university from my options as someone planning on pursuing pre-med. My options are: - Case Western Reserve University (in-state + scholarship) - Wake Forest University - University of Pittsburgh (small scholarship) - Ohio State...
  3. chunkyfilms

    Should I take another semester of science courses and re-take 1yr of General Chemistry?

    I graduated from college almost 2 years ago but I've been doing a DIY post-bacc among working and other things. I'm currently taking 3 courses this semester but in 8-week sessions. Anatomy & Physiology 1 (4 credits) just finished a few days ago and I got an A (4.0). Now I have Anatomy &...
  4. P

    Another 'is this clinical experience?' question...

  5. T

    Why is taking gap/bridge year(s) so common? Is it necessary to get into more selective med schools?

    I just had my premedical orientation and apparently only 14% of students at my college (which has a huge premed population) go straight to medical school from undergrad. This came as a giant shock to me as I thought that this was the exception rather than the norm? Do most people do this to...
  6. D

    Do you think I even stand a chance at med school?

    I know these are boring questions that have been asked millions of times here before, but mine have a twist: I worked over 6 years (after my internship) as a licensed general practitioner in my home country right before coming to America a little over two years ago. TL;DR: 1. My main question...
  7. D

    Dental student interaction with Medical student

    So it seems like in undergrad every pre med student I met said something along the lines of "I couldn't deal with mouths that's gross" or "dentistry is boring" whenever I stated I was interested in dentistry. Let's ignore the fact that medicine involves rectal exams and many "gross" things. It's...
  8. F


  9. X

    If you submitted FAP since April 20, when were you approved?

    Just trying to figure out a timeline, since this process has historically been very fast but is heavily delayed due to COVID-19. I submitted on May 1st, but still haven't heard back yet... When did you submit and when were you approved/are you still waiting?
  10. P

    19 credit hours first semester??

    Hello, I'm an upcoming freshman pre med at a state university. Right now, I'm looking at 19 credit hours my first semester. Is this doable? I was wondering if anyone has done this and succeeded. Bio is supposed to be a hard course at my university, but I'm better at bio than chem. My course...
  11. M

    Advice for handling pre-med classes?

    I’m switching to pre-med from a psychology/research background and I’m nervous about how difficult pre-med classes may be—any tips on how to best study for bio, chem, and phys?
  12. tryauthentic

    MD & DO Need help with a school list!

    New York State resident, white, 23 3.55 BA in Physics 3.8 MS in Biomedical Engineering 511 MCAT Lots of shadowing, many specialties (>120 hours) Two global health missions, one rural health mission, teach local refugees English (>300 hours volunteering, 100 clinical) 1 first author publication...
  13. F

    Really Messed Up and Need Some Advice!!

    Hi, I know there's probably tons of these stories out-there but it would be helpful if I got some advice. So long story short, when I was inn High School I wanted to be an anesthesiologist, that was my goal. However, I really got into app development and programming so when it came time to pick...
  14. A

    1 year post bacc programs

    Hi All, Is there any rankings to the post bacc programs out there, not state specific. I was particularly looking into the one year programs. I am ok to relocate, right now i am located on the west coast. Thanks
  15. M

    NYU vs. WASHU pre med post bacc program

    I’m considering both WASHU and NYU’s pre med post bacc programs. WASHU seems to have a good reputation that students and med schools alike value, but I’m nervous about going to live in St. Louis because of crime rates, etc. Thus, I began looking into NYU’s program which seems to have a similarly...
  16. P

    UF PHPB advice/experience

    Has anyone applied to and received a decision from UF’s pre-health post bacc program? I submitted in August and everything verified September 19th and I’m nervous about not getting any sort of response yet.
  17. D

    Is Biomedical Engineering a good major for medical school?

    I’m an American sophomore student studying Biomedical Engineering in Japan. I have lived 2/3 of my life outside the US (7 years in Argentina and almost 6 in Japan). I speak English, Spanish and Japanese fluently. And I’m planning to go back to the states after living 13 years abroad to transfer...
  18. McNelly

    Non traditional med school student advice?

    Hello everyone, I’m in a pretty unique situation. I graduated with a degree in Accounting, worked for 4 months an decided accounting is not for me. I have to much of a desire/need to help and make a difference in people’s lives. After shadowing a couple physicians I have decided to go down the...
  19. X

    Should I retake? VERY unbalanced MCAT?

  20. G

    Picked UCSD over Berkeley

    Hi all, I wanted to say that I am posting this not to necessarily seek reassurance although that may seem contradictory but just to see if I significantly hindered my chances of an admission into Med school or potentially increased them. So basically I was admitted to both campuses. At first I...
  21. M

    need advice pleaseee! Keck Graduate Institute- MS in Applied Life Sciences

    Hey everyone! I really need some advice as I'm completely confused on what to do:/ So to make a very long story short, I am a first gen, non-trad pre-med student. I have a pretty lowish undergrad and low science GPA but an upward trend towards the end of my college career. For what I lacked in...
  22. Arv39

    How do I calculate my GPA?

    The plan is to finally apply to medical school next year but my gpa is all over the place as I was sick for a while and had drop down to part time. For example: 2015 Fall F A D B- (pre algebra) 2016 Spring A A C- (Algebra 1) A B+ C 2016 Summer Session 1 A A 2016 Summer session 2 A- 2016...
  23. P

    Transferring undergraduate schools as a pre-med.

    Hi guys! This past year I attended George Washington University as a pre- med and academically I did pretty well and finished freshman year with a 3.83 GPA. The only downfall of GW is that I was super unhappy there and nothing seemed to click outside of academics. Because of this I want to...
  24. A

    Help with SMP/MD acceptances

    Hi everyone! I was hoping to gain some feedback regarding SMP programs. I browse enough threads on here and figured it was just time I posted my own. I currently have a undergrad + post bacc cGPA of 3.1 as per the aamc scale. I am hoping to have a 3.14 by the end of the fall sem and a 3.18 at...
  25. D

    Advice for Pre-Med Freshman?

    Anyone have any advice for an incoming pre-med freshman? College starts in a month and I’m nervous for classes:1oops:
  26. A

    Is it Possible to Go from a 2.0 gpa to a 3.6?

    I have been in college for 2 years now and have received 30 credit hours, standing at a cgpa of 2.0. A medical condition affected my performance in school and also failing to withdraw from classes. I would like to know if it’d be possible to raise my overall gpa from a 2.0 to a 3.5-7 in a matter...
  27. P

    mcat timing

    Hi there, I've taken all the pre reqs for med school besides biochem so far. I take biochem this fall. I want to take the MCAT in January 2020, so if I use a test prep company, would it be best to start studying for the MCAT now (~6 months of studying) or wait until September when school...
  28. L

    US Student Looking to Study in Germany

    Hello! I'm new here and this is my first post, so please bear with me, but absolutely tell me if I should do things differently! I am a 2017 grad with a BS in forensic biology. I completed all my pre-med classes, but I tanked my GPA, which is why I have not bothered to take the MCAT or apply to...
  29. B

    Second Degree, SMP, or leave my dream to be a fantasy?

    Lol I tried to make the title rhyme to get you guys attention :happy: But my situation is quite serious. I caught myself between a rock and a hard place where I currently have a VERY low GPA and need to figure out what is the next step for me. Here's some context information: I grew up being...
  30. F

    Interview Invites Still Going Out?

    I've seen on a couple of threads that some schools are still sending out II. Can this be? Is it because of the new rules? Or are these people just lying (why, though)? I was surprised when I heard this.... @Goro @gyngyn @LizzyM @gonnif
  31. J

    Need some advice

    Hello Everyone, I have been reading alot lately on physicians seeking mental health treatment. It concerns me, because I've always wanted to go into medicine and hopefully become a surgeon. To give a little context, when I was about 11 going on 12 I was hospitalized for about a week...
  32. G

    University of Vermont Post-Bac Program

    Hi all, I am looking for any advice from past, current, or potentially future students of the University of Vermont Post-bac program. I'd like to know what your experience was like. Why you chose to go there. Professors to look out for or to absolutely take. Where to live. Where you went after...
  33. G

    Loyola- Chicago Post-Bac Premed Program

    Hi all, I am looking for any advice from past, current, or potentially future students of the Loyola Post-bacc program. I'd like to know what your experience was like. Why you chose to go there. Professors to look out for or to absolutely take. Where to live. Where you went after this program...
  34. Friendly MichaelMyers

    Anatomy preparation

    Hello. I heard from med school students that preparing for anatomy ahead of the class makes the class easier. I have never taken anatomy and I am wondering how I could best prepare for it. I decided to memorize as much as I can from the atlas. I looked at the atlas and then closed the book. I...
  35. GDTBATH16

    UNC MED Summer Program 2019

    Did anyone apply to this year's application cycle? Feel free to post information or questions y'all have.
  36. V

    Need help creating a school list

    Hi all! I'm a senior at a competitive state school in California and am planning to apply this cycle. Could anyone recommend some schools I should consider applying to? Below are my stats and relevant ECs. State of Residence: California (I do have some concerns about this because I've lived...
  37. S

    Pushing MCAT date to later - advice?

    Hi all, I'm an undergraduate pre-med student. I'm considering pushing my MCAT date to July 20 (scores release August 20). I will have my AMCAS application completed (except MCAT score) by early June and will submit it for the verification process since it takes 6-8 weeks. I will choose one...
  38. Dr. ThorStrange

    Following Medical Schools on Social Media

    Is it ok to follow medical schools on social media accounts? Is it ok to tag medical schools in social media posts? Or is it bothersome/annoying to them? What do you guys think?
  39. blueberry4104


  40. Z


    I am a nontraditional student who transferred from a 6 year pharmacy program after 4 years into a regular undergrad to finish a bio degree. Long story short, I was an immature student who only focused on having fun and getting extracurriculars because I wanted to get into pharma, but I started...