Sep 5, 2016
Hi Everyone,
Can some one please tell me what general education courses fall under these categories?
1. Individual and Interpersonal Behavior 2. Global Studies 3. Language and Literature 4. World Views and ethics 5. Visual and Performing Arts.
I am taking my best guess but I am not positive it is right. Also, can I use upper division courses I took my junior/senior year to satisfy these categories?

Feb 23, 2013
Their website offers examples of which courses fall under those categories. If you're not sure if one of your courses is accepted, you could contact the school to check.

This is from the website above:
"A. Individual, Group, and Interpersonal Behavior Examples: General Psychology Sociology Abnormal Psychology Development Psychology Social Psychology

B. U.S. Studies Examples: Economics U.S. History U.S. Government

C. Global Studies (Recommend Intercultural Communication) Examples: Intercultural Communication Cultural Anthropology Cultural or Political Geography European History East Asian Civilization Latin American History Classical Mythology

D. Language and Literature Examples: Spanish Language Course Medical Terminology Doctor of Pharmacy: Admission Requirements California Northstate University College of Pharmacy 2017 Admission Cycle

E. Worldviews and Ethics (Critical Thinking and Logic courses do not fulfill this requirement. A biomedical ethics course is recommended.) Examples: History of Medicine Biomedical Ethics Comparative Religions History of Western Civilization Introduction to Philosophy Political Philosophy Existential Philosophy Oriental Philosophy Fundamentals of Ethics Sociology of Religions Introduction to Religion

F. Visual and Performing Arts Examples: Healthcare Film History and Studies Introduction to Art Applied Art Survey of Western Art European Art Oriental Art Art History Photography Introduction to the Theater History of the Theater Dance History of Music Music Appreciation Applied Music Film History and Studies"