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Aug 21, 2003
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I recently heard that NOVA doesn't have a great pass rate for the boards. Since, it's hard to find any boards stats specific to the schools, I have two questions:

1--Does anyone at NOVA know how students are doing on their board exams?

2--Does anyone know what a national average pass rate is for the boards.

Nova looks like a fantastic school. I have a small family, and I'd like to know if the areas around the school are nice enough to raise a family in (in other words, is it a safe place to live)? I'd love to hear from any current or graduated NOVA students, especially if you're LDS.


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Dec 13, 2001
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2003 Florida State Licensure Board:

Class of 2003: (recent graduates)

Nova - 97% passing rate
Univ. of Florida - 76% passing rate

NBDE Part 1: (this past July 14 examination session)

Class of 2005: Overall average = 84.68
100% passing rate (90 students took the board)

Class of 2006: Overall average = 84.87
100% passing rate (50 students took the board)

National Average = 85.6

Although our school's overall averages are below National's Average, our passing NBDE Part 1 percentage is amazing! Nova's graduates passing the Florida State Licensure board is even more impressive at 97% of the students took it passed!

As far as I'm concerned, we as a dental school is going no where but in an upward direction. Our NBDE Part 1 averages has been showing an upward trend in the past five years closing the gap to the National's Average.

Since I'm not a Mormon, I can't not answer any of your LDS related concerns in regards to family lifestyle at Nova. Only things that I know are the following:

1) there are 15 Mormons in my class (out of 105)
2) there are usually at least 10 Mormons per dental class at Nova
3) Most of them are parents
4) they all love it down here

If you want some contacts to my LDS classmates, feel free to PM me, I'll set you up some some of my LDS classmates who can better answer your concerns.


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Oct 7, 2001
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LDS students comprise a significant portion of the class at nearly every dental school in the country. You shouldn't have trouble finding folks to talk to at every school.

Yah-E will hook you up with those at Nova.


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Oct 15, 2003
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I too am LDS. I've noticed from what I've heard and read that there usually are a decent amount of LDS in each school. As a matter of fact, if you look at BYU they seem to be a dentist factory. And just a side note, if you ever consider practicing in Utah....DON'T! That state is saturated with dentists. You're better off practicing in another state. Best of luck!!