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Creighton vs Nova

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Oct 9, 2019
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I just received a super late acceptance and I only have a week to decide and I am having a hard time choosing between both. In terms of tuition they're about the same however cost of living in Florida is a lot higher than Nebraska so Creighton ends up being the cheaper option. I do want to specialize so I want to go to a school that will give me the best chance to specialize.

- Loved the facility when I toured
- No specialty programs (I am planning to specialize possibly endo/ortho/perio so this might be a con)
- Omaha is a pretty boring city
- I don't do well with the cold
- Cheaper cost of living
- Excellent clinical experience
- Longer plane ride to get home (no direct flight either)

- Haven't heard the best of things lately about Nova
- Has specialty programs
- Higher cost of living
- Shorter plane ride home
- Nice weather and close to the beach which is something I prefer
- Have a few friends/connections here (boss was an alumni here)

Any advice is appreciated! Thank you!

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Location is probably the 2nd most important factor after cost. If there’s a marginal difference between costs of attendance, choose based off of attendance. Liking where you live is incredibly important and worth paying some extra for in my opinion. Sounds like you like Florida more.

What’s the cost difference?
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