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NOVA interview!

Dr. Don

Senior Member
15+ Year Member
Dec 16, 2001
Los Angeles
  1. Resident [Any Field]
got offered a NOVA interview for March 31st....Don't know if I will be going seeing that it's so late and I already got in to a good DO school (COMP) :D I'll be checking for flights and see what kind of deal I get...I just don't know if it's worth it considering that I already got in to COMP and OUCOM and I'm not too happy about interviewing for a waitlist...any info you guys have regarding NOVA about interviews/acceptance rates, etc, will be great. So for those of you who are still waiting to hear from NOVA, be on the lookout because they are still offering interviews and from what I hear the last ones are March 29th and 31st....good luck you all!!!


Superstar DJ
7+ Year Member
15+ Year Member
Mar 21, 2003
Congrats Dr. Don! NOVA is the ****, I can't speak for COMP or OUCOM, but the location and facilities are top notch. If NOVA is someplace you think you'de be happy, maybe it would be worth checking out. The cost of travelling for the interview is insignificant if, in the the end, you're at the best school for YOU. Money plays no role in the pursuit of true happiness, in my opinion. Of all my interviews I enjoyed NOVA the best.

Let us know what you're gonna do. good luck.
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