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Aug 26, 2006
I noticed that there wasn't much diversity when i went there for my interview. I could hardly see asian/black students there. maybe I could be wrong but can someone tell me more about their student body?


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Jan 11, 2008
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Um well you were right about the African Americans at Nova, although I doubt it is purely a Nova thing. I know my undergrad in San Diego have a small population of African American students as well. As far as Asians go, there are probably less asians then at other schools but more then enough to be representative of % population of Asians throughout the US. We also have quite a few Indians (from India) as well as Persians, I would say we have more Persians then are representative of their population throughout the US. So all in all we have a very diverse group of people, both ethnically and geographically. We also have quite a few hispanics in our class as well. I would say all in all it is a well rounded group diversity wise, with the exception of African Americans
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