Oct 24, 2018
I recently looked at the outcomes of the 8 programs that were newly accredited in May 2018. The first time pass rates ranged from 52%-100%, though not all programs posted first time pass rates. The ultimate pass rates ranged from 83%-100%. It's just been a year so the ultimate pass rates can still go up, but I'm curious as to what a DPT program graduate does while they are waiting a year to pass the NPTE. While some new programs have 100% pass rates right out of the gate, others have 3-5 graduates who still have not passed. Your thoughts? One of the reasons I pose this question is this forum was pretty brutal toward South College's first time pass rate for their first class, predicting they would lose their accreditation. What about the new program with just over 50% passing first time? Why no 'hue and cry' over this program?
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