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NSU rotation sites


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Jan 19, 2002
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    As second year, I can tell you that this subject also interests me very much. We had our first meeting with the people in charge of our 3-4 years and they gave us the run down. There are 12 core hospital sites that occupy all 12 months of your 3rd year and 1 month of your 4th. Nine of the twelve core sights are in the tri-county area Palm beach (west palm beach), Broward (Ft. Lauderdale/hollywood), Dade (miami/miami beach). There are also hospital sights in Tampa, Ft. Meyers, and Orlando. It is also possible to rotate through the Osteopathic Institute of the south in Georgia. Here's what I know about the individual hospital systems: The biggest one is the North Broward hospital district. The main hospital of this system is Broward General. A very large tertiary care facility with a level 1 trauma center. I think the north broward system is the 4th largest public hospital system in the country and one of the oldest. The Memorial system in Hollywood is similar. NOt as big as broward, but also a level 1 trauma center, and for you surgery rotation, you are actually part of the trauma team. There is Parkway Hospital in North Miami Beach; Miami Heart/Mt. Sinai hospital on Miami beach about 20 blocks from south beach; Palmetto general in miami; Gulf coast in Ft. Meyers; Sun Coast in Tampa (this is one of the largest osteopathic teaching hospitals in the south and has a bunch of residencies from Anesthesiology to Derm to Orthopedic Surgery. I know very little about the hospitals in Palm Beach county, but I know you rotate through Columbia, JFK, and Wellington, and that my friends girlfriend seems to love it up there. The hospital in Orlando is called Florida Hospital , and I don't know much about it. That's the run down, you can see all the sights up on the school website... http://medicine.nova.edu/academics/clinical/core_rotation_sites.html

    Hope this helps... there might be some M3-4's out there with more info, and I will learn more as the semester goes on, but that's all I got now.
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