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I have seen a few posts trying to decide between this school and that and thought I would offer my two cents. First off, medical school like medicine, rotations, etc. is what you make of will get out what you put in. Secondly, as a third year this year I have been exposed to many students from other DO schools -- namely PCOM, KCUMB, NYCOM, and Kirksville. In my somewhat limited experience NSU, PCOM and KCUMB all seem strong. One kid in our third year class failed the boards...he was from KC but in general the students are strong. I know my class pretty well here at NSU. Some are geniuses, most know their stuff, a handful scare me that they will someday be doctors. The weather here is amazing, the cost of living is bad, but not as bad as NY.
NYCOM is more mixed: some GREAT people, some weaker people. The only person currently failing a rotation is a nycom fourth year. He has commented several times that our rotations here with NSU and KCUMB are much harder than his as a third year at NYCOM. I only know one student from kirksville -- no idea how representative that student was but she knew nothing as a fourth year.
All that aside I really don't think it matters where you go -- it matters what you put in. At any of the above schools you can find a way to skate through or you can work your #%@! off to become a good doc. It is your outside effort that will make a difference, not what school you go to.
Hope this info helps go have a good time, because you will have no life for the next few years :laugh:
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