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Feb 13, 2013
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Hey all!

September is here and my ERAS application will be submitted soon but I'm still struggling with figuring out the number of programs (both prelim/transitional and PM&R) to apply to. I have a solid Step 1 with Step 2 CK pending. Grades are fine, honors on my PM&R rotation. 4 very solid letters.

Right now I have way too many prelim/TY programs on my list and around 25 PM&R programs. I want to narrow it down if possible but I'm afraid to cut too much and end up having to SOAP (classic med student neuroticism).

Does anyone have advice on the number of applications I should send out? How many did you apply to? I know it depends on the individual and all but if anyone has any thoughts it would be greatly appreciated!

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Apr 6, 2007
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those are solid stats

you can always cancel interviews. it's been a long time so my experience may not be relevant.


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Jan 27, 2010
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A few years ago I applied with similar stats - more modest Step 1 but very good Step 2; 2 pubs/2 presentations - and had plenty of PM&R interviews (I think I got invites for about 17/20 programs) but I really focused on categorical programs. I forget about prelim/TY, but had less luck with those and invites tended to be more regional to my medical school.

PM me with any specifics you may have.