Jan 30, 2013
Hawaii/Southern US
To preface, let me apologize if this is on the wrong board. I saw no board for BSN/Nursing students, so pardon my ignorance if it was in front of my face.

I'm about to apply to several nursing schools. A huge concern of mine is student loan debt. I have 55k from undergrad already and most schools I'm looking at are at least $40k and up, not including housing, food, gas and all the other miscellaneous variables that go along with student life. I'm genuinely worried that when I graduate from one of these programs i'll be six figures over my head altogether. Are there any schools that actually have agreements with local hospitals where you can pay off most of your debt? I thought that I saw the University of Arizona had something like this...

Or are there rural loan programs that will allow you to move to an underserved area and pay a good portion of your debt off? This is my number one decision with going to nursing school. I see no point in going if i'll just be adding another 50k+ to my plate--I should just go CC if that is the case. I'm all ears for any good suggestions in loan repayment programs through hospitals/rural loan repayment programs.....thank you!