Aug 27, 2009
I understood the email to mean that they just want to verify you've completed all pre-req's and undergrad degree requirements. Basically to ensure the info you provided on AADSAS was true/accurate.

I think as long as your AADSAS matches your transcript, you shouldn't have an issue...i.e. they won't ask you to retake anything from a JC since they were fine with it during your interview.

If you've completed your undergrad degree, I would send that info to them ASAP, so if there is an issue they can get back to you sooner rather than later.

I'm sure you'll be fine-haha--I was a little uneasy about the email b/c my grades have slipped since being accepted-haha. I already finished all my requirements last May, I've just been taking some graduate classes to make D-school easier---and my grades aren't that good-haha.