NYU or equivalent Board Certification Review Course DVD needed


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Jun 10, 2004
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Looking to acquire the NYU PM&R Board Certification Review Course (full) on DVD. If someone out there has this and is willing to part with it for a fair price, please PM.


Any other DVD suggestions are also welcome....
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Apr 10, 2016
I have the 2013 NYU Review Course on DVD and MP4 for sale. Great review for PMR boards or recert boards. Much better if you want to watch self-paced at home than spend $$ to travel/hotel stay and miss work/vacation time. 23 DVDs. Also includes Syllabus.

1 Normal Gait Lower Extremity Amputation:Early Management
2 Lower Limb Prosthetics
3 Patholical Gait Upper Limb Prosthetics
4 Orthotics Energy expenditure using Prosthetics
5 TBI Epidemiology,Classification and Early Management Pharmocologic Rx of TBI
6 Stroke Rehab Dysarthria/Apraxia/Aphasia
7 Peds Rehab:Spina Bifida and CP
8 Spasticity SCI Classification and Epidemiology
9 Outcome following SCI SCI rehabilitation
10 MS rehab Cardiac Rehab
11 Pulmonary Rehab Cancer Rehab
12 Interventional Pain Procdedures
13 Pain Management
14 CRPS Geriatric Rehab
15 Burn Rehab Joint replacement rehab
16 Hand Rehab Regulatory Challenges in PMR
17 Arthritis MRI of the lumbar spine
18 Osteoporosis Industrial Rehab 23
19 Sports Injuries Concussion
20 Cervical Pain Syndrome Lumbar Pain Syndrome
21 Carpal Tunnel Peripheral polyneuropathies
22 Entrapments Syndrome
23 MP4 video
24 Program Syllabus