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Jul 4, 2015
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Hi guys, so there seems to be a strange rumor floating around these boards about how NYU will be switching to a 6+2 system for all their interns next year. I emailed the program coordinator regarding this issue and it seems that it's a completely false rumor and I don't have any idea how it originated. Dr. Lou Miller, the senior APD, was kind enough to email me back on this issue and, I quote,

" I wanted to reach out to clarify any ambiguity around this:
We are definitely moving to a 4+2 schedule for our interns in the categorical track, primary care track, physician scientist program, and clinical investigator track on July 1, 2016.
I am a full believer that people need to make their own decisions about training, but I want people to make informed decisions based on truth and not misinformation."

Please take this into consideration and don't get drawn into any false claims seen here or otherwise when making your rank lists. Good luck in the match everyone! :D
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