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  1. Lugh

    What to look forward to in (insert specialty here)

    Hi, I want to hear why people chose their specialty and at what moment did they realize they picked the right career.
  2. drmsb93

    Medicine’s Worst-Paying Specialty Is Luring Billions From Wall Street. What are your thoughts out there?

    This is the article just came out. Bloomberg - Are you a robot?
  3. L

    Position Wanted PGY1 Pediatrics, IM or Family Medicine

    Hi Looking for a PGY1 in pediatrics, IM or Family Medicine anywhere. Years of research experience and several publications.
  4. G

    Confused about doing a PhD or internal medicine residency

    I am an international student. My future goal is to do research in bioscience field in USA with seeing patients (80/20 ratio). As a general norm, most people do residency in their preferred fields and then do post docs so that they could become physician scientists. However, going through...
  5. E

    IM / Hospitalist (after residency)

    I'm almost done my MS-3 and coming closer to making a decision on what I want to do. I've search extensively on my questions written below, but was either outdated or unsatisfied with the answers. Hoping for some clarification. In addition to the work, I value family time > travel > hobbies. I...
  6. M

    Position Swap PGY1 IM in Boston looking to swap into NYC

    Current PGY1 at Boston academic program looking to switch to academic NYC program for family reasons. Please message me if interested.
  7. iobu


  8. Joshdoc

    Fun Topic: Vaccine History in EMR

    When you are looking at a patient's chart in an EMR, is the patient's history of vaccines pretty straightforward to you? Or do you need to spend 5 minutes or more calculating what vaccines they have received (ie to avoid counting duplicates, ect)?
  9. T

    Calling all hospitalists current/former - seeking advice

    Hi everyone, I am a recent graduate from residency. I took my first real job working as a hospitalist. I stupidly chose a schedule that is half days, half nights. I was supposed to be 1 week on/1 off which I thought would be ok and I'd be able to flip my sleep schedule around. The shifts are...
  10. A

    Publication/pmid article

    I have recently graduated from my internal medicine residency, however for our scholarly activity requirement our program has stated we need some sort of PMID article publication in order to complete residency. Mine has been delayed in acceptance and technically I don’t have a pmid article, but...
  11. N

    Re-applying to Residency Advice - EM to IM

    I'm a recent MD grad from an east coast med school who matched into an academic West Coast emergency medicine program. This application cycle was particularly hard for me because I hadn't been able to visit programs and cities. I unfortunately ended up prioritizing reputation and program length...
  12. L

    Position Wanted Looking for PGY1

    Looking for PGY1 in IM/FM/Pediatrics/Pathology or Psychiatry.
  13. I

    Mercer Médical Accelerated Track - barely info online

    Hello, I’ll be applying next year and I’m positive I want to do primary care, specifically family medicine in a rural setting. I was interested in the Mercer accelerated track but there’s not much info online regarding it. How’s the application process, how many students get into it, is it...
  14. I

    Position Wanted Neuro PGY1 looking for PGY2/PGY1 including diff specialties

    I’m a Neuro PGY-1 in Midwest finishing IM intern year and looking to transfer to other specialties (FM, IM, PM&R, radiology, or Neuro). Ok with either PGY-1 available positions or PGY-2 swap. Replay or message me if interested!
  15. FMTOIM

    Position Swap PGY1 FM in NJ looking for PGY2 IM anywhere

    I'm a current PGY1 in an FM program in NJ looking to switch to IM, preferably PGY2 spot but open to PGY1 spot. Message me at [email protected]
  16. P

    Working in UK after IM and Heme/Onc in USA

    I am completing my residency in Internal Medicine and will be starting my fellowship in Heme/Onc at an NCI designated academic cancer institute. Due to personal reasons, I have to consider moving to UK after fellowship. The difficult thing is, since there is not much precedent of this, the...
  17. T

    Please Evaluate Hospitalist Opportunity

    Hi everyone, I just wanted to get some thoughts from people on a hospitalist gig I was offered. It is just outside a large NE city. Here are the highlights: Half days, half night - 7 on/off, 12 hour shifts Half non-teaching days (census average 14-15, 1-2 admits per day), half teaching nights...
  18. T

    Medical New tool for clinical clerkship?

    Recently a friend who studies abroad sent me a great new totally free diagnostic tool called Kahun. Have to say that it helped me a lot during IM rotation. check it out diagnose.kahun.com Do you know about it? do you think its legit? please if you have another way/tool that helped you with your...
  19. im2021.pgy2

    Position Swap PGY1 IM Maryland looking to swap to NY/NJ

    I'm a PGY1 (INTERNAL MEDICINE) in Baltimore, Maryland. Looking for a PGY2 position in New York/New Jersey to move close to family. KINDLY EMAIL ME ([email protected]) IF YOU ARE A PGY1 IN NY/NJ LOOKING FOR A PGY2 SWAP. THANK YOU.
  20. L

    Help me rank IM programs. Interested in GI.

    Please help me rank IM programs. Interested in GI fellowship/academic career. 1. Cleveland Clinic Ohio. 2. Case Western UH. 3. U Wisconsin. 4. Boston University. 5. U. Miami. 6. Montefiore NYC. 7. UT San Antonio. 8. UTH Houston. 9. Uni of Kansas. 10. University of Oklahoma. 11...
  21. halmoni

    Competitiveness of GAS vs. IM?

    I've been considering going into either gas or IM, but my main goal is to match back to California to take care of my family. Does anyone have any insight into whether matching into gas or IM would be easier for SoCal?
  22. Yiddly

    Cardiology research as an IMG before IM residency

    Its my first time posting on here not sure if its the right place but any help will be appreciated. I am a US IMG graduating from a med school in Pakistan and got a weak (in the low 220s) step 1 score and will be working to get a stronger step 2 score along with some research in the year after...
  23. P

    Nuero or IM matching with red falgs (marijuana)?

    Hello all, I am currently a MS-2 (DO) who wants to apply to Internal Medicine or Neurology. My academic average is 90+ (while doing step 1/ COMLEX prep) and I should be able to get to a 240+ on Step One. My did a summer research elective that will give me 2 oral presentations; one local, one...
  24. ovmedchiefres

    Olive View - UCLA Internal Medicine Residency Program Chief Resident Q&A!!

    Hi Everyone! We are the current Olive View-UCLA IM Chief Residents for the 2020-2021 Academic Year. As we are entering into the residency application/interview season, we wanted to create a forum to answer any questions that you may have about our program! Feel free to ask us anything...
  25. M

    Position Swap PGY3 swap in NY

    Hey everyone. Im currently a PGY2 in a program in new york and I'm looking to swap outside of new york. Please let me know if youre interested in a current PGY2 or PGY3 position for next year. Thank you. The specialty is internal medicine.
  26. U

    UCLA Internal Medicine - AMA

    Hey everyone!~ I'm a UCLA intern at Ronald Reagan Medical center, and I wanted to start a AMA for all of the applicants this year! I love my program and I really want to share everything about it that makes it so wonderful, but also give an honest review of some of the aspects we could improve...
  27. RaginMD

    Anyone else work the ICU alone? Asking for a friend

    Internal medicine resident here and I just have a question for anyone else who may rotate through ICU in their programs. Is it normal for an upper level with only 1 month of ICU experience as an intern to work an ICU alone (20 beds) with no fellows or in house staff. Our interns don't work...
  28. Y

    List of IM residencies by competitiveness

    Hi! I'm looking for a site or something where I can search all (or most) of the US residencies in internal medicine and rank them by least to most competitive. Is there such a thing? I don't want to waste time/money applying somewhere that my chances of being accepted are almost none.
  29. P

    ERAS Expunged Arrest Disclosure

    Hello, I’m a 1st year DO student and I wanted advice on applying to residency considering my history. I have been arrest twice for possession of MJ. The first arrest was in 2015 (when I was 20) and the second arrest was in mid 2017 (when I was 21). I’m in the class of 2023. The first arrest...
  30. R

    For Sale Kaplan USMLE Step 2 CK Internal Medicine Lecture Notes 2018, Brand New

    Kaplan Medical USMLE Step 2 CK Internal Medicine Lecture Notes 2018, Brand New. $45 and free shipping
  31. M

    M4 graduating off-cycle_views and opinions in regards to residency

    Dear All, Hope all is well! I am a current M4 who likely be applying to an internal medicine residency in this upcoming ERAS cycle (2020-2021) and am hoping to attend a Top 10 residency program. I am still considering radiology or urology but am likely leaning toward IM. My situation is...
  32. GrabYourCoat

    What’s the latest you can take STEP 2 and still match for 2020-2021

    I’m a IMG who graduated in 2018 with US citizenship. I’m an expat who just got back late 2019. I’m studying for my STEPs and want to give STEP 1 and CS by the summer. What’s the latest I can give STEP 2 CK and still match?
  33. GrabYourCoat

    Clinical Experience through Agency

    Hi everyone, I’m an IMG who graduated in 2018. I want to get settled into the US healthcare system. I’m going to give STEP 1 and 2CS by the summer and STEP 2CK right after. The problem is I need LORs by September. Has anyone used a reliable agency for clinical experience/LORs? I found some...
  34. JeffWeissMD

    Position Available New ACGME-accredited IM residency in northern NJ!!

    Introducing a brand new, ACGME fully accredited Internal Residency program in Passaic and Denville, NJ from Prime Health Care Consortium (PHCC). Apply via ERAS #1403300539 today! Note: We are NOT participating in or hiring participants of the NRMP Match (thus giving you a huge advantage at...
  35. O

    JCMC interview for DO student

    So I just had an interview with Jersey City medical center. Im a 4th year DO student, and they never took any DOs ever. Their entire program is IMGs and FMGs. I more or less applied for the hell of it cause I want to stay in NJ and wanted to increase my chances of getting in anywhere in NJ. I...
  36. MD69

    IMG Internal Medicine Re-Applicants or IMGs with low scores- Match 2020

    Hi everyone, I wanted to create this thread specifically for IMGs that are applying again for the match and/or for IMGs with low USMLE scores. There is another thread for IMGs applying to internal medicine, but it's not very realistic for people like me who are applying again and have low...
  37. C

    MD ERAS Personal statement- include location preference?

    Hi, there! I'm a medical student from NY applying to IM residency programs this cycle. My husband lives in CA and I was wondering if this is something I should include in my personal statement for CA programs. All of my other educational experience has been in NY and I don't have any other...
  38. M

    Is internal medicine

  39. I

    Chances of matching for an old IMG with moderate scores

    Hi, I graduated with MBBS in India in 2013. I went on to do residency in Internal Medicine in the 4th best institution in India and have also completed my MRCP (UK). I have 2 pubs and 5 more research experiences including posters and paper presentations. I have scored 256 in Step 1, passed Step...
  40. Pakku-man

    Can we bill sufficiently for Mental Health Services while a patient is admitted for a different dx?

    Hello everyone, I will be starting out as an medicine attending soon and wondered about the following question: "Is there meaningful financial support with medicare or private insurance that would help hospitals afford and provide mental health services such as cognitive behavioral...