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Oakland Children's, Seattle Children's

Discussion in 'Pediatrics' started by onagraceae, Sep 26, 2014.

  1. onagraceae

    onagraceae 5+ Year Member

    Mar 2, 2008
    Can anyone share some info on either of these programs? I'm really interested in these two, but I don't know much about them other than what I read here and on the program websites. Any info is much appreciated, thanks!!
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  3. mwpeds


    Sep 21, 2014
    I've heard nothing but great things about Washington in talking to multiple people (my school seems to send a few every year). They have one of biggest nets covering kids who get really sick over 5 state area (google WWAMI). University but relatively laid back setting. Free standing hospital, big residency class (which may be only minus?). Seattle is also a really fun city, although some may knock it for the rain. Washington along with Colorado and UCSF are currently tops for me before interview season.

    Children's Oakland is tough. I also have several friends here, and some have warned me about program.. They say the training and people are okay, but the major issue they have is frustrations of an underfunded county hospital and their very low pay for area. Many find it hard to try and live in safer part of Oakland or Berkeley with their wage, let alone trying to pay off some of their med school loans. They've protested, bargained, & met federal mediators to try for change, but the hospital claims it doesn't have more money and in response to decreased GME funds has cut the # of residency spots. For those not in the know, the Bay area is unfortunately one of most expensive places to live in & you have the high California state income tax. Neighboring residents in the Bay get 8-10k more either through base salary and/or housing allowance. If you're looking at the Bay area, UCSF with their new free standing children's/women's hospital (opening early 2015) or Stanford (also getting new facility in 2016 IIRC) are the safer choices IMO.

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