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    I was wondering if a review book from 1999 would be okay for ob-gyn questions on step 2. In particular, anyone who is interested in going into ob-gyn, is there anything particularly interesting that has happened over the past 10 years in the field that you think is fair game to being tested? I believe some of the gestational diabetes and htn cutoffs have changed and oral hypoglycemics including metformin are now thought to be sufficiently safe to use. Some of the premature management and antenatal diagnostic testing has advanced a little, although I don't know how much of that is testable. The success rates at single birth from IVF have improved some, but again probably not anything that is tested anyway. I'm having trouble thinking of anything else that I need to supplement my reading with hif I'm using a 10 year old review book.
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    - Not sure if the treatment or understanding of PCOS has changed that much since 1999. I know that the CLINICAL approach to PCOS has changed, but don't know if that is testable.

    - The premature and antenatal diagnostic testing was testable, I believe.

    - No major REI stuff was on my exam, and I don't think that much of the infertility stuff is truly treatable.

    - Some of the indications to try an operative vaginal delivery as opposed to a c-section MAY have changed. Not sure, though. Also not sure how prevalent vacuum deliveries were in 1999 either, compared to today.

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