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Discussion in 'Radiation Oncology' started by RadOnc12, Aug 2, 2011.

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    So the 2011 match statistics thread on here scares the crap out of me. Can anyone on here give advice on what it takes to match anywhere, maybe both for me and for other people like me who aren't AOA?

    I'm someone who got lucky to get a good Step 1 score (250), have one first author paper and 2 first author abstracts in Rad Onc, scattered other research publications, one letter from a famous Rad Onc (other letters from not famous Rad Oncs), and am in the third quartile of my class for third year grades (I go to a top 25 school, so hopefully that's OK). I'm also done with my Rad Onc rotations pretty much, so things are just about set.

    Would someone like me match, even though I'm not as accomplished as the people in the match stats thread?

    Or what about someone on here who is AOA at their school, but has say "only" a 230 on step 1? Can any of the residents who read this forum maybe give some advice on what it takes to match, for those of us who def know we aren't headed to MD Anderson, but still really want to be a Rad Onc?
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    I believe you have a very high chance of matching. Due to the random nature of the match process I can't promise you that you will match but your application sounds competitive (I don't know the applicant pool but sound above average to me). I wouldn't completely write off top programs just because your 3rd year grades weren't great.

    Similarly a 230 does not preclude you from matching.

    I don't know of any magic formula to say you will match and you won't. On the match stats thread there are some stories of people who had applications that were fairly weak in 1 or more areas and still matched.

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