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Nov 24, 2008
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what are the prospects of occupational medicine.
How is it different from preventive medicne residency.
where do i get more information


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May 15, 2008
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I would google it. I'm sure there's an "American Society of Occupational Medicine" or something.

Similarities include that both specialties have little or no call once you are in practice/out of residency.

Occupational medicine you can work for a large corporation, etc. as a doctor on their staff. Also you could probably work for some larger physician practices that do worker's compensation claims, etc.

Preventive medicine is more like public health - generally concerned not w/individual patients but with groups of patients/people. It's more like health promotion and disease prevention.

Neither one has a high income vs. some other specialties, but I think the lifestyle is pretty good. Would think you could work for a gov't agency with preventive medicine residency as well.

I have seen a few help wanted ads for these, but there doesn't seem to be the demand that there is for primary care docs or hospitalists.
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