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Apr 25, 2003
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I have a couple questions. They only allow you to put 6 schools on the application, however I need to place 8 schools on there because I am interviewing late and haven't heard a decision from most by the deadline. Will I be able to attain aid later if one of the schools I didn't put on the application ends up being the one I attend?

Also, if I am independent and I add a parents information will this just be used for scholarships? If the income of the parent was only $19K would that help me land more need based funding? Do we have to update out parents information every year?



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Jan 18, 2001
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You can add schools later as needed. Being accepted late may change your eligibility for some aid if the school gives out money on a first-come, first-served basis, but you will always be eligible for federal Stafford loan regardless of when you start or when you submit the FAFSA.

As far as a low parental income, this may make you eligible for need-based aid.
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